• 2 Hour Review: Karazhan Hearthstone Adventure

    Even though I have only played the new Karazhan Hearthstone Adventure for 2 hours, not 4, I want to give you guys a quick review. The best part about this adventure is that it packs a punch with the nostalgia factor from raiding Karazhan (Kara) in World of Warcraft (WoW) during the Burning Crusade expac. Read More

  • Editorial: Confessions of a Noob Streamer

    Since I’ve been streaming games for 5 months, I think it’s about time I took a breath and shared with you some of my streaming experiences. So, here are my noob confessions, thoughts on streaming, and some helpful tips for anyone thinking about starting to stream.

  • (Another) 4 Hour Review: Pokemon Go!

    Something about Pokemon Go is changing how gamers are playing games! What is so special about this game and why is it causing a cultural phenomenon? Tonight I took a “Poke walk” to a large park in our neighborhood with my husband, who is playing the game daily, and I asked players their thoughts on Read More

  • CTg Movie Conversations: Warcraft

    ZariyaVera’s Take: Did the Warcraft movie live up to expectations? As an avid World of Warcraft player since 2004, and someone who’s been anticipating the Warcraft movie for years now, I have been so eager for this movie to finally come out. I was fortunately able to see it the day before release…

  • Will a non-FPS player enjoy Overwatch?

    I’ve been so wrapped up in playing the Overwatch closed beta that I haven’t had a moment to sit down and WRITE about it instead of play it. That’s a big hint that this game is awesome! I’m a fan of Blizzard games including World of Warcraft (WoW), Hearthstone, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm. Read More

  • Types of Dude Gamers

    Types of Dude Gamers By Level1Wizard & Zariya Hit us up on Twitter: @Lvl1Wizard, @gamerzariya Disclaimers: This is entirely non-scientific and simply for fun, so please read with a sense of humor handy! Written by one male gamer and one female gamer. Dude gamers… we know you… we love you… we rage at you… we Read More

  • Types of Girl Gamers

    Yes, girl gamers do exist! They may be few and far between, but when you meet one in-game, they usually would fall into one or more of the following categories: