The long wait for Final Fantasy XV will soon be over!  Time to Celebrate…Wait it doesn’t come out until Sept 30!

Noctis Upset

I feel the same way Noct

After waiting ten years for the latest and greatest Final Fantasy game to finally come out, I’ve been trying to fill the void with older games in the series.  My new job has me away from my family for a bit so I decided to go back and play the older Final Fantasy games from the past.  When I get back home, Final Fantasy XV will be waiting for me to open up and play.  My review of Final Fantasy XV may be a bit late, but I’ll make sure to update you on how the game fairs out.  Expectations are at an all time high for fans of Final Fantasy and Square-Enix at large.  Could this be the start of a new renaissance or the truly the “Final” Final Fantasy?

So, if you happen to have some extra time, or just wanted to play a Final Fantasy game but not sure, then let my three part series help you out.  I’ll be working on this every week.  The first part of my series will consist of the top five specifics things that each Final Fantasy does right.  The second part will be my top 5 Final Fantasy games of all time and the Final Fantasy games you should never touch.  Finally, I will do my review of Final Fantasy XV.  I’ll be looking at each of the following areas and considering every game that has Final Fantasy in the name.  As I complete each article, I will update this page with a link:

Part 1:

  • The Best Battle System
  • The Best Artwork
  • The Best Characters
  • The Best Music
  • The Best Side Quests
  • The Best Weapons
  • The Most Shocking Scenes
  • The Overall Best World

Part 2:

  • The Top 5 Final Fantasy’s before Final Fantasy XV
  • Final Fantasy games to stay away from

Part 3:

  • Review:  Final Fantasy XV

Looks like I have some research ahead of me.

final3 – Rage Lionheart