Yes, girl gamers do exist! They may be few and far between, but when you meet one in-game, they usually would fall into one or more of the following categories:

The Girl Who is Really a Guy

This “girl” is probably the most common one to meet in-game. She’s actually a dude. Yes, this is a female avatar, giggles at jokes and may flirt with you, but this is definitely a he sitting on the other side of that screen. His character name usually incorporates som e form of Lady, Miss, or Sexy.


The Beginner

This girl is brand new to playing the game. She’s the ultimate noob and needs hands on help learning everything! She starts out with no idea how to move, how to attack or how to chat. A level 3 wolf in the forest will freak her out. That is, until you show her the ropes, she levels up, and can become any of the below girl gamer types.

The Quiet One

This girl only types and never speaks up in voice chat. She participates, but no one knows her real name or what she sounds like. The Quiet One is trustworthy, but shy, with a bit of a wall up to protect her self. You can’t know for sure, but The Quiet One may also be The Girl Who is Really a Guy.


The Princess

This girl is cutesy, sometimes silly, and occasionally also flirty. She may or may not have any idea h
ow to actually play the game. She often gets lots of help, advice, and free goodies from other players. When she finally speaks up in voice chat, some of the guys may fall all over themselves vying for attention. The Princess can be really annoying, especially to The Pro.

The Socialite

This girl loves chatting and hanging out. She may also be a role-player and a frequent presence in general chat, perhaps even a troll. She will likely have no fewer than three chat windows open at once, and isn’t shy in voice chat either. The Socialite loves connecting with other people, and playing the game comes secondary to the social aspect for her.

The Plus 1

This girl joined your group or guild because she was tagging along with her boyfriend, husband, son, or
other. The Plus 1 always has to be included whenever the first person is invited. If there is any group
drama that rubs the first person or her the wrong way, they’re both outta there. The Plus 1 may progress to become The Bro or The Pro or digress to become The Psycho after a breakup.

The Mom

You don’t really know how this lady got to be around in your group… maybe she started out as a Plus 1. And, she doesn’t have a clue about how to be a good player. BUT, she’s sweet and brings you warm virtual cookies, and provides life advice, so you’d feel bad if you kicked The Mom out into the cold.


The Know-It-All

This girl gamer intrigues you, since she knows her facts and researches what she’s supposed to do in- game. However, this can be her downfall as well; you can’t tell her to do something differently as she already knows it all. She can also become The Psycho or The Pro.

The Psycho

This gamer could have started out as any of the other types listed here, but then something goes wrong. She is sweet and sassy one minute, and the next can be bawling her eyes out or yelling obscenities. You enjoyed playing with her in the beginning, but once she hits this stage you try everything you can do to cut ties and move on. Usually the Psycho ends up stalking or spreading rumors in general chat after a bad break.

The Bro

This girl gamer is one of the guys. If someone says “thanks, man,” she’ll reply “no problem, bro.” The Bro is confident, and hangs with a variety of players with ease. She’s not shy, and would even join in when the conversation takes a vulgar turn. If someone trolls general chat, saying, “girls don’t play this game,”it’s The Bro who replies “no, we don’t.”The Bro can also be The Pro.


The Pro

This girl is actually REALLY GOOD! She’s a solid player, she understands her class or role, and she knows
what she wants out of the game. She wants to be up there with the best, and isn’t afraid to speak up.
The Pro has gone above and beyond. She maxes and mins her character’s stats, and shows off her rare
items and mounts. The Pro knows she’s got skillz and can kick your ass and anyone else’s ass at the

What girl gamer types have you known, met, or been in-game?

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