The Top Five:  Waiting for Final Fantasy XV: The Artwork


Let’s enjoy the beauty that is Final Fantasy and let the artwork do the talking.

Hello everyone, I’m back after a trip to the ER and a long week of recovery.  However all worries aside, I feel much like myself and ready to start talking about Final Fantasy again.  Let’s move to our next section, discussing the artwork of Final Fantasy.  Each game has a distinct look and feel.  From Yoshitaka Amano’s box artwork to Tetsuya Nomura character design, the artwork involved with Final Fantasy has pushed the boundaries of what a console generation can do.  For this topic, I will be looking at the top 5 best artwork in game. I wont base my top 5  just on today’s powerful consoles, but more so how the creators of each Final Fantasy in this list harnessed every bit of a console and tools available within the time of their creation.

Number 5:  Final Fantasy III (NES Version)

Of course there are various remakes for Final Fantasy III, however I wanted to focus on the last Final Fantasy game on the NES.  When in comparison to other Final Fantasies during its time, the detail of every monster was eloquently designed and pushed the 8-bit system to its limits.  Let’s analyze a few pics:

FF III ImageWhile most of the characters seem to take their usual look for this era, the background boxes of Final Fantasy I have been removed and a clear battlefield is seen.  What makes this artwork really stand out in this version, is the enemies, especially in this picture with Hein.  He is shown with various colors and garments that was rarely seen within this console’s lifespan.  Each enemy is very well crafted and distinct.  Additionally, these monster models are used as a baseline for future Final Fantasies.



Number 4:  Final Fantasy X (PS2 Version)

Coming in at number 4, Final Fantasy X was the first PS2 Final Fantasy.  Taking a more Asia-centric look, Final Fantasy X brings out the best mix of character interaction and showcasing a very realistic/fantasy world in which these characters lived and interacted in; showcasing colorful worlds beyond our imaginations.  The CGI movies were top notch for this era in comparison to other CGI in game movies of this time.  Final Fantasy X is also creditied for showing real emotion.  From seeing the ruins of Zanarkand, to seeing Yuna cry due to the weight of her fate, still stands as one of the better looking PS2 games to date.

FF X imageAuron

Number 3: Final Fantasy XIV (PS4 Version)

As far as MMOs are concerned, Final Fantasy XIV does a fantastic job of bring in all players from around the world and allow very little graphical dip.  While this game can be visually tough to play on the PS3, the PS4 provides the best quality for all to enjoy.  Each zone feels fresh and new when you enter a town or unknown landscape.


Number 2:  Final Fantasy VI (SNES/PS1 Version)

Pushing everything that the SNES had for its era, Final Fantasy VI is a visual feast!  Through all the pixels needed to make this work, this game feels like it came out of an art book.  From Kefka’s ultimate form to riding in an airship, this game visually brought out the best in what the SNES could do.

images (1) images (2) images

Best Yoshitaka Amano Final Fantasy Artwork:

There are too many great works from Amano, I especially like this one the best.  Really, there is no comparison that anyone else could argue is his best Final Fantasy artwork.  Take this shot for what it is worth, I especially like the back to back shots of Cloud and Aerith.


Number 1: Final Fantasy IX (PS1 Version)

Final Fantasy IX may not be my favorite Final Fantasy, but the artwork blends Final Fantasy Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork characters into the world of  PS1 while inserting the fixed background art at the time making it the best of its generation, and our list of the best artwork of Final Fantasy

FFIX hqdefault download


Thats all for this week!  We’ll see you next time

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