The Top 5: Waiting for Final Fantasy XV:  The Best Characters

The Final Fantasy series is full of great characters.  People full of heart, courage, love, brilliant, and seekers of self-fulfillment.  These carefully crafted characters are a powerful core of Final Fantasy series.  Their stories shape the world they live in.  They are able to gather groups around them for a common goal.  While most people know that waiving around giant swords is definitely the fantasy side of this game, the reality that Final Fantasy shows us is that with one person’s hopes, wills and dreams; you have the ability to change and shape the world.

You’ve seen the old pics, “I’ve never learned so much from people who never existed” Well for me personally, I can say that this is true.  I’ve been through many difficult periods in my life. Incorporating aspects of how these strong characters deal with the cards they were dealt and how they handle their situation in life provided me a lot of courage when I need it most.  Sure they are not real, we all know that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel for them and emulate the good parts of what makes these characters great.

Let’s move on to our Top 5 Best Final Fantasy Characters:

Number 5:  Cecil Harvey, Final Fantasy IV

Cecil Harvey

In the beginning of Final Fantasy IV, Cecil was dealing with many difficult choices in his life.  Having sworn an oath to the King of Baron and becoming a Dark Knight, he knowingly followed the King’s bidding to dominate the world, even know he knew it was the wrong thing to do.  Throughout the course of the game, he learns the power of the light, friendship, the ability to fight his brother and love for Rosa.  He cast off all doubt in his mind to be the paladin we know today.  What I appreciate the most of Cecil is he eventually realizes that its ok to be what you want and need to be.  That you are not bound to anyone else’s fate but your own and that sometimes, you need to face the darker parts of your soul to bring out the light.

Number 4: Setzer Gabbiani, Final Fantasy VI


Cool, collected, and fun loving, Setzer is arguably the Han Solo of Final Fantasy VI.  We first meet Setzer in the Opera while he was in the process of kidnapping Maria (Celes in disguise) to be his wife.  While foiled by the party, Setzer decides he could make a buck and joins the party in the quest to stop the Empire (Since its been bad for business).  After the end of the world, we get an opportunity to see more behind the gambling man.  Having lost his first love, he stumbles upon the airship that took her way.  Deserted, and without an Airship of his own anymore after the end of the world, Setzer determines to stop wallowing in his own past and gets this new airship ready.  You never know what is behind the mask that we show people every day.  Setzer made peace with himself to better the world.

Number 3: Yuna, Final Fantasy X


Yuna, like most people in the Final Fantasy series, is taken for a ride by what they perceive as the right thing to do  In this game from a religious standpoint.  Yuna, while scared, embodies total sense of duty.  This is not from the stance of duty to a religion, but a duty to the world.  Though the help of Titus and her companions, she sees that her role is more important than religious self sacrifice, but about saving the world from SIN and not having him return.  Yuna’s best trait is two-fold.  A sense of duty even though she may have to sacrifice herself to save the world and her wiliness to move forward and charge against a belief she grew up learning and moved beyond it when she knew it was wrong.  Its a reflection I wish more of our society as a whole would understand.  That sometimes a belief you have been taught all your life may not be the belief that is true.  That you need to make your own decisions and look beyond what someone has told you, but what you truly believe in.

Number 2: Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife

Fighting for someone else or a forced cause is easy, fighting to be you is never easy.  Cloud had to deal with this from the very beginning.  After Hojo experimented on Cloud and placing his mind in complete Mako void, he assumes a similar lifestyle of Zack after the events of Crisis Core.  Cloud went forward into the world living a life that was not his own.  Throughout the game, he finds that because of the lies he built himself upon he was powerless to stop the call of Sephiroth and ended up being just a pawn in Sephiroth’s game.  Finally after realizing that he can live for himself while combining the memories of his life and Zack’s life, he can live beyond his personal fantasy.  He can live for himself and his goals.  Sometimes in life, we find that it can be easier to live someone else’s life.  Cloud found out that he needed to be him.

Best cast of characters in a Final Fantasy game:  The cast of Final Fantasy VI

Of all Final Fantasy games that I have ever played, nothing comes close to this cast of characters.  Each one of them having intricate lifestyles and motives, and collectively put them all on hold in order to stop the Empire.  However, unlike most Final Fantasies, I think it would be very difficult to come back from the entire world being destroyed.

Number 1: Firion, Final Fantasy II

Firion FFII

Normally, I’m slamming Final Fantasy II, its a pretty forgettable game with a not exciting plot line.  One silver lining for Final Fantasy II is Firion and for one reason.  He wants to live his dream.  He truly wants to make his fantasy a reality.  Sure it may be for a world of roses (which we do find out more in Dissidia), but at least its a dream he is always trying to find and fight for.  Most characters in Final Fantasy are caught up in the moment.  They are thrusted into their specific conflicts and grow from there.  Firion always keeps what his heart wants.  He will fight for what he believes in and keeps shooting for that dream.  Like most of us, we all have dreams we want, but due to life’s high and lows, we often never make that dream into a reality.  If you know someone who keeps fighting for their dream, cause, or initiative, have them look at Firion for some inspiration.  He never gives up on that dream, which makes him our top character of Final Fantasy.

Keep fighting for those dreams.  Keep fighting for what you believe in.

Most Gents FFXIV H– Rage Lionheart