The Backlog: Mad Max

NOTE: This is the first in an ongoing series exploring Jacen Hardy’s attempt to clear out his massive backlog.  Check these for games that you may have missed and can now pick up for a hefty discount. Mad Max: Fury Road was my favorite movie of 2015 and I left the theater longing for a Read More

4 Hour Review: Battleborn

A few days ago, Battleborn went on sale on Amazon with the season pass for $40, so Jonathan Alan and I jumped in.  After about 4 hours of my murderous mecha-riding penguin (Toby) and his show off space marine (Oscar Mike) were tearing it up and having a blast. Presentation: The game begins with an Read More

4 Hour Review: Uncharted 4

“I can’t believe how real these games look these days.”-my wife, watching me play Uncharted 4 Uncharted 4 starts slowly, perhaps too slowly for my taste.  By chapter 6/7 things had picked up significantly and that’s about where I stopped to write this review.  You will see my (Jacen Hardy’s) opinion as the main body Read More

4 Hour Review: Star Fox Zero

This review is difficult for me to write.  I am a die hard Star Fox fan and eagerly anticipated the release of Star Fox Zero.  There were rumblings in the gaming community that this may not be an ideal Star Fox game, and I said “Who cares?  It’s more Star Fox.”  So how did it Read More