Editorial: Itshe is back!

Sorry for the hiatus….but Itshe is back! So it has been a hectic year here, between having a full-time job, while being pregnant and then having a baby boy, so much has changed in my life this year. I went from working all day to being able to play video games all night, to playing Read More

(Another) 4 Hour Review: Pokemon Go!

Something about Pokemon Go is changing how gamers are playing games! What is so special about this game and why is it causing a cultural phenomenon? Tonight I took a “Poke walk” to a large park in our neighborhood with my husband, who is playing the game daily, and I asked players their thoughts on Read More

4 Hour Review: Pokemon Go!

4 Hour Review:  Pokemon Go! Welcome to Pokemon Basic Hey everyone!  I’m finally getting a chance to write a review on Nintendo’s second mobile game, Pokemon Go!  Many of you have already heard a lot about Pokemon Go! from the major news outlets.  When I first heard about the game, I didn’t realize how popular Read More