CTg Movie Conversation: Dr. Strange and Luke Cage

The MCU has expanded in the last few months.  Netflix added its 3rd street level hero into the mix, and Dr. Strange made his mystical debut. Dr Strange I only recently learned of Dr. Strange.  A year or so ago I stumbled onto the Marvel Dr. Strange animated movie – a 75 minute journey into Read More

CTg Movie Conversations: Suicide Squad

I’m going to make this quick.  The critics have blasted this movie.  DC fanboys have defended it to the death.  Marvel fanboys have picked it apart.  Those of us who just like seeing nerd culture we used to get made fun of supporting sit somewhere between. Personally, I thought it was a bad movie.  There Read More

CTg Movie Conversations: Warcraft

ZariyaVera’s Take: Did the Warcraft movie live up to expectations? As an avid World of Warcraft player since 2004, and someone who’s been anticipating the Warcraft movie for years now, I have been so eager for this movie to finally come out. I was fortunately able to see it the day before release…

CTg Movie Conversations: Batman v Superman

WARNING!   These commentaries contain massive spoilers Two bloggers bore witness to Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice on opening weekend.  Their take is below: BScotch’s Take Batman vs Superman (BvS) took what wasn’t earned. Because this is a plainly obvious attempt to catch Marvel and present the DC super team (oddly enough, Justice League pre-dates The Read More