Opinion: Horizon Zero Dawn

Jonathan Alan is playing Horizon Zero Dawn…A LOT.  Here’s what he’s saying: Who is the main character in your view? Aloy (pronounced AY-LOY). She is the typical outcast turned hero but with surprising depth and a twist that alloys her to become a unique character. She will be the next PlayStation icon. What is the Read More

Commentary: Final Fantasy XV CTg Q & A

The CTg bloggers who played and finished Final Fantasy XV answered a few questions concerning the game.  The responses are below: 1. Who was your favorite character? Jacen Hardy: Arden (Ardyn?) I can’t freaking remember BScotch:  I would say Ardyn…yeah – the bad guy. Jonathan Alan: Arena Highwind Rage Lionheart: Ignus.  He really was the core of the Read More

4 Hour Review: Uncharted 4

“I can’t believe how real these games look these days.”-my wife, watching me play Uncharted 4 Uncharted 4 starts slowly, perhaps too slowly for my taste.  By chapter 6/7 things had picked up significantly and that’s about where I stopped to write this review.  You will see my (Jacen Hardy’s) opinion as the main body Read More

4 Hour Review: Dark Souls 3

VIDEO: JONATHAN ALAN   TEXT: JACEN HARDY My Souls background is actually weirdly similar to that of my Zelda background.  I’ve started/tried every single Souls game, but never got more than a few hours into any of them but Bloodborne.  I flat out did not like Dark Souls 2, the hollowing mechanic really bothered me Read More

4 Hour Review: Tom Clancy’s The Division

Caveat. I have played The Division for longer than 4 hours, but this review will focus on the first few play session, albeit with the knowledge of someone who has reached the maximum level and experienced all of the story missions. I am a veteran of Bungie’s Destiny MMO FPS.  The Division has been touted Read More

Dark Souls: A New Type of Adventure

  A New Type of Adventure “Ahh, you think you’re different? That you can handle it? Yes, I remember that feeling. For I was the same.”   When you think of action/adventure RPGs (AARPG) what comes to you mind? You have certain types of classes: knights, mages, Templars, thief, etc. You have a grand story Read More