Opinion: Nintendo Switch

Jacen Hardy bought a Nintendo Switch.  What does he think? Who did you purchase the system for? Me and my wife when she decides to play something. What is the best function of the system you’ve discovered? The seamless sleep/resume function. It is so nice to be able to jump back into a game in Read More

Opinion: Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Jacen Hardy and BScotch are playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Their thoughts are captured here: Who does Link remind you of in this new Zelda game? Anime character, movie, TV series, other game, etc? Jacen Hardy:  So far? After 15 hours of exploring – he reminds me of Link. The silent hero of Hyrule. BScotch: Read More

Commentary: Final Fantasy XV CTg Q & A

The CTg bloggers who played and finished Final Fantasy XV answered a few questions concerning the game.  The responses are below: 1. Who was your favorite character? Jacen Hardy: Arden (Ardyn?) I can’t freaking remember BScotch:  I would say Ardyn…yeah – the bad guy. Jonathan Alan: Arena Highwind Rage Lionheart: Ignus.  He really was the core of the Read More

PSVR: After the Hangover (Review)

It has been a little over a week since I first got my PSVR, my time with it has been limited by other responsibilities, but I have had a fair chance to check out a lot of other stuff and to give you my full review absent from the new device bias. Hardware The headset Read More

Playstation VR: How is it?

Jacen Hardy’s Take:  I stood there speechless, turning the batarang over and over in my hands and marveling at the level of detail.  I was Batman and absolutely felt like it.  That was the moment that I knew PSVR was something special.  I own a Samsung Gear VR for my phone and expected a similar Read More

Sony’s Misstep

Last week, Sony made a series of fumbles that seemed to come to a head today as they announced the delay of “The Last Guardian” to December.  However, there was one decision they made that I don’t think got enough attention.  The decision to not allow mods with either Skyrim or Fallout 4.  UPDATE: Apparently, Read More

4 Hour Review: Deus EX

Deus Ex MΔNKIND DIVIDED (hells yea symbol font for the Δ win!) (ΔΔΔΔΔThe Deus you always wanted to give your ExΔΔΔΔΔ) Warning: Super Long Boot Up Rant So it’s been a while. I dusted off Ye olde Xbox One and when I booted up this bad boy, it had over an hour of downloads and Read More

Editorial: I’m done being a slave to hype

Tonight, I finished my second game this year that the hype machine got me to play.  Firewatch was the first and Inside was the second.  I initially had very little interest in either game, but then they came out and certain sites *cough* IGN *cough* just started raving about them both on their site and Read More

4 Hour Review: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

This is the first and only time I will ever use a #hashtag in a title.  I picked up Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to scratch that JRPG itch while we wait for games like I Am Setsuna or Final Fantasy XV, but found myself hitting the 4 hour mark for this review and continuing for Read More

4 Hour Review: Uncharted 4

“I can’t believe how real these games look these days.”-my wife, watching me play Uncharted 4 Uncharted 4 starts slowly, perhaps too slowly for my taste.  By chapter 6/7 things had picked up significantly and that’s about where I stopped to write this review.  You will see my (Jacen Hardy’s) opinion as the main body Read More