Editorial: NieR: Automata (No Spoilers)

What Began as a Palate Cleanser… A couple of weeks ago, I finally finished my 85+ hour playthrough of Breath of the Wild.  Since it was released on March 3, I played little else and lost myself to Hyrule.  I loved that game and it has forever ruined open world games for me.  I wanted Read More

Editorial: Final Fantasy XV Verdict Part 3

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD This is not a review.  There are enough of those to go around on this game.  This is a post script of a game that no longer has a home on my PS4 Hard Drive. Final Fantasy XV.  Where even to start? My fears were both wiped away – then brought to Read More

Editorial: Final Fantasy XV Pre-launch Part 2

Why does Final Fantasy mean so much?  In Part 1, I went into detail about how Final Fantasy 7 changed the way I played games and which types I played.  Using a typical argument fallacy, I will answer the question with a series of questions – why do comic books mean so much?  Why do Read More

Editorial: Thoughts on Final Fantasy XV Pre-launch – Part 1

I have a confession to make.  In the summer of 1998 I faked a sickness to my manager at Taco Bell.  During the phone call I committed a long list of cliche’ acts you would expect of such a pursuit…the fake cough, the hoarse voice, and of course the revelation (lie).  I felt bad for about 20 Read More

CTg Movie Conversation: Dr. Strange and Luke Cage

The MCU has expanded in the last few months.  Netflix added its 3rd street level hero into the mix, and Dr. Strange made his mystical debut. Dr Strange I only recently learned of Dr. Strange.  A year or so ago I stumbled onto the Marvel Dr. Strange animated movie – a 75 minute journey into Read More

Editorial: Where is Destiny Going?

Destiny – This is fun! The Dark Below – Sure, OK, I’ll bite House of Wolves – A little better, but… Taken King – I suppose Rise of Iron – Oh, we’re still at this? Okay, so maybe the reactions were a tad more excited than that – at first.  Therein lies the problem.  The Read More

Editorial: Navigating the DLC Culture Part 1

  Part 1: Quality Disruption The DLC. Downloadable Content.  The new era in gaming has been upon us for several years now.  The basic premise: Buy 2/4 of the game at full price and buy another 1/4 of the game 3-6 months later with the final 1/4 coming 6-8 months from the original release date. Read More

Editorial: LEGOs + Marvel Works

If you are on the fence about Lego Marvel games, feel free to jump in.  Buy them both. I, for one, miss the Ultimate Alliance series, a few of the past Spiderman games and X-Men on Sega Genesis.  After Marvel was acquired by Disney, it feels as though video game licensing was reeled in.  Captain Read More

Editorial: I’m done being a slave to hype

Tonight, I finished my second game this year that the hype machine got me to play.  Firewatch was the first and Inside was the second.  I initially had very little interest in either game, but then they came out and certain sites *cough* IGN *cough* just started raving about them both on their site and Read More

Final Fantasy VII-1, VII-2, VII-3, VII-4

We will probably have a Podcast on this topic, but I wanted to address the news that Square Enix has decided to split FFVII up into 4 parts following the FFXIII model. I love Final Fantasy VII. It’s not my favorite Final Fantasy, but it’s darn close. That being said, here’s what I wanted from Read More