Last week, Sony made a series of fumbles that seemed to come to a head today as they announced the delay of “The Last Guardian” to December.  However, there was one decision they made that I don’t think got enough attention.  The decision to not allow mods with either Skyrim or Fallout 4.  UPDATE: Apparently, Jim Sterling beat me to the punch here. 

I started playing Skyrim on PS3 many years ago and had a lot of fun initially.   I loved exploring the world, but as time wore on, many of the annoying mechanics and things in Bethesda RPGs became more and more apparent.  Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore and quit.  Then, a few years ago I got back into PC gaming and discovered mods.  I love tinkering with computers and so installing and tweaking mods was right up my alley.   I found that Skyrim had a huge modding community and through Nexus Mods had made using mods incredibly easy.  With very little effort, I was able to make Skyrim look like this:

skyrimAnd it wasn’t just visual.  They have mods that fixed just about every problem with Bethesda RPGs.  I sunk at least 100 hours into my modded Skyrim and loved every minute of it.  So, when Bethesda announced Fallout 4 would have mod support on consoles, I got very excited.  It meant that Fallout 4 could be far better than the developers could make it because of the modders.  The inventory system could be fixed, the combat made more fun, and the character models made more life-like.

I was initially disappointed when they announced it would come to Xbox first but knew my PS4 version would get the ability eventually.  That is, until last week when Bethesda announced that Sony was unwilling to play ball.  They are crippling both the Skyrim remaster and Fallout 4 for 40 million+ PS4 players.  I am genuinely sad for my PS4 brethren, they may not know what they’re missing and have just glossed over this news but it’s a big deal.  I hope Sony backtracks on this decision and allows mods, but something tells me they won’t. Until then, I’ll have to continue with my modded Skyrim and Fallout on PC.