By: Itshebum


Since it is the season for scary, I went back to a couple of my old favorites this week. I like finding cheap games on Steam from time to time – just to see what is out there and maybe find something interesting now and then. Spending a couple bucks, to play a game whenever I feel like it, rather than being invested full time – is worth it in my busy life!

So onto my game (s) of the week – Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 – who likes killing Zombies? Me!!

Killing Floor – $4.99 on sale now on Steam

This game originally came out in 2009, and is simple in its play. Basically you have your keyboard to move around with and a couple weapons, knife, guns, crossbow (my fav – like Darryl from The Walking Dead), and many more. I love playing games with friends online – and I have a go-to friend that I play these mindless games with all the time. The concept of this game is simple, go round after round killing zombies in a location. Each round, more Zeds (zombies) come for you – then in the final round you have to face a boss.

There are a couple of levels from which you can play – and if you are an FPS gamer, then chose a higher difficulty to get the most out of the experience. There have been many custom maps built into this version, and it is always fun to check out user built level designs.

My favorite role to play is Sharpshooter as here I get to use a crossbow and if I line it up right, I can kill 8 Zeds in one shot!  This is very good as it is more limited in ammo then a gun. As for the enemies, the Crawler’s are hard to see in this game and will be on you before you know it because it is very dark and you cannot see them “crawling” up to you. The others to watch out for are the Scrakes and the Fleshpounds – just the more difficult ones to kill and you will hear when they enter the game.

The end boss – the Patriarch – had a gun and a rocket launcher plus can cloak and heal himself – so just avoid him and make sure your weapons are fully loaded so you can take him down. I always played with my friend who played Demolitions spec could lay a ton of traps down and boom we were done with him.   The graphics not crisp (showing its age), but there is no shortage of fun if you are just looking to shoot up some zombies.

Now onto the newest release from Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2. This came out a little over a year ago now, and it still pretty popular – price tag on Steam right now is $19.99 (on sale), and is a huge improvement graphically and gameplay wise.  Difficulty notches up from the original Killing Floor. I opted not to play this one “Hell on Earth” and “Suicidal” is very hard for me; but I enjoy playing regardless.

With this game, the increase in difficulty does not just mean increase in health and damage – the Zeds actually start to do different attacks that keep you on your toes. The concept is the same as the original, except with updated graphics and much harder ability to kill the Zeds.  When you kill any of the Zeds in this version, the blood actually sticks to the background – so if you are camped out in one room killing a ton of them and it has lights above.  Those lights will actually darken and go out so you have to move to another location to continue killing them.

You have a few characters to chose from – Field Medic  (have a gun that heals your teammates), Berserker (go in and get crazy on the Zeds with your axe),  Demolitionist (grenades are your friend), and more.  I personally enjoy the Field Medic, as there is more to do then just kill Zeds.  Ensure teammates are kept healed or you’ll be useless to the team.  I hate the Stalker Zeds (or invis chicks as I call it); so hard to see and have quick closing speed. The Sirens will render your grenades useless, especially when you are fighting a Scrake or a Fleshpound – stay away from those!

The end bosses here, the Patriarch again and Hans Volter are a little more challenging; you’ll need to decipher the pattern – when to shoot the boss, when to avoid grenades and more.  It’s a thrill when you kill them!

These two games are the first in my series of Steam games, and I enjoy playing them every now and then as it is a good escape from reality – especially when you are frustrated with it! Who doesn’t like releasing some steam by killing zombies!