It has been a little over a week since I first got my PSVR, my time with it has been limited by other responsibilities, but I have had a fair chance to check out a lot of other stuff and to give you my full review absent from the new device bias.


The headset is sturdy.  I heard a few other reviewers talking about how it felt plastic-y and well… that’s because it’s made of plastic.   There is no part of the headset that has me paranoid that I’m going to break it or that feels cheap.  This thing is a marvel of Sony engineering and quite a bit more comfortable than the Gear VR for extended wear.  Initially, I played with my glasses on and it was comfortable enough, but I actually prefer playing without glasses now.  The adjustment and focus is really easy to set up, although there is a hidden adjustment to customize it to your face buried in some of the PS4 accessory menus.  I definitely recommend setting that up.  The picture quality is very good, though your TV obviously looks better viewed from a distance, but the games don’t suffer for it.  The screen door effect is not nearly as pronounced as with the GearVR and in darker games like Batman, I don’t notice it at all.


I went back to several of the titles that I gave my impressions of last week and am happy to say that Rigs no longer gives me motion sickness.  I suspect that I was just really tired and thus susceptible to more motion sickness than usual.  That being said, I couldn’t bring myself to jump back into Driveclub it just made me too sick and I didn’t want to risk it.

The launch lineup is incredible.  Especially the stuff on the demo disc.  One of my favorite demos was Battlezone.  It’s a tank game set in a TRON like world where you attack and defend your area from waves of attackers.  It’s brilliantly done and gorgeous to look at.  I highly recommend checking it out.  There’s also a free “experience” called Allumette that’s a beautiful story of a girl and her mom.  I won’t spoil anything, but I was completely blown away by how moving a simple story can be in VR.  I will likely be picking up Rigs in the near future as I had a blast in the short demo time.  Thumper is a feast for your eyes and ears and terror on your reflexes.  It’s an on rails rhythm game that’s so much fun to play.  I only played the demo (which was quite long) but I will definitely be diving back in there at some point.  The only game I’m having buyer’s remorse over is Eve Valkyrie.  It’s good, but there’s not enough substance there (so far) to justify the price tag.  I would have rather spent that money on Rigs.  Finally Playroom VR is a steal (it’s free).  It’s a gorgeous and fun set of multiplayer games that is incredibly well done.  I can’t stress enough how much you need to experience that.


Overall, I love my PSVR.  I’ve found I like it best to jump into one or two experiences each night and let those moments sit with me rather than quickly burn through everything I have.  It’s an incredible experience and I truly can’t wait for what the future holds with VR.  For most games, I find myself playing without my headphones so that I am not completely disconnected from the outside world.  It’s strange, I know, but it’s my virtual world.  I recommend PSVR without hesitation to anyone who is on the fence.  Even now, a week later, I can’t wait to jump back in and experience something else.  For me, that will be Bound and the Batman VR Riddler challenges.  If you have the cash, pick one up.  Maybe we can all play Rigs together!

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