Jacen Hardy’s Take: 

I stood there speechless, turning the batarang over and over in my hands and marveling at the level of detail.  I was Batman and absolutely felt like it.  That was the moment that I knew PSVR was something special.  I own a Samsung Gear VR for my phone and expected a similar experience from the PSVR: massive screen door effects with subpar graphics.  I’m glad to say I was wrong.

The setup was easy enough, although it turns the PS4 into something of a wire monster.  Within about 10 minutes, I was up and running with the PSVR.  Being a perennial early adopter, I already owned the PS camera and 4 move controllers, so I could purchase the core unit alone.  Once I got it set up, I put the PSVR on my face with glasses at first.  The image is far sharper than I anticipated.  I had some minor tracking issues because of the distance between my camera and my play area, but I was able to move the couch back and have had no problems since.

Here are the games I’ve tried:
Batman: Arkham VR-Incredible experience.  Truly shows what VR can be.  If you get a PSVR, buy this game.

PS Worlds: The Heist (watched a friend play it)-Great tech demo of what the PSVR can be.  I was amazed at how well the head tracked and how quick and responsive the move controllers are.

REZ Infinite Demo: Beautiful but made me a little nauseus.  I’ll try it again later when I’m not so tired.

RIGS: Great idea, wish I could enjoy it but I really wanted to puke.

EVE Valkyrie: I love this game.  Weirdly, I didn’t get motion sickness from it and the head tracking and targeting works great in VR.  Incredibly immersive.

Thumper: WOW, great rhythm game with trippy visuals.  Loved it.

Wayward Sky: Awesome point and click adventure controlled with move controllers.  Works like a charm.

Playroom VR: My #2 after Batman.  Gorgeous visuals, shows that a 3rd person platformer can work in VR.  Adorable as heck and uses all of the features of both the DS4 and VR to great effect.

Cinema mode: Works far better than I expected.  The image quality is good, but not great.  Fantastic idea if someone else wants to use the TV or you have a small TV.  I can’t wait to try Destiny on it.

Overall, if you have disposable income and have been pining for VR since playing those $5 a minute VR stations in the mall in the 1990s, this is absolutely for you.  BUY IT NOW.

BScotch’s Take

During a weekend excursion, I was able to visit a certain friend who recently purchased a PSVR.  He shall remain nameless (Jacen Hardy).

I only played one game – and that’s all it really took to get a good look and form an impression.  Arkham VR was an eye-popping experience.  Unexpected to say the least.  I did not think I would succumb to the VR vertigo of standing atop a building “looking” over the edge and feeling like I could fall.  I was wrong.  The character models were incredible, even with the slightly grainy textures – I’ve seen this called “screen door” effect.  I did not feel as though this took away from the game; on the contrary, it reminded you that it was not a real world.

The most impressive experience with Arkham VR were interactions with the Batcave computer character models.  I could not believe the mesmerizing effect of having Robin and Nightwing standing, moving, and blinking about 2 feet from your virtual stance.  They were lively, believable and achieved a realism I didn’t expect.

Did this 25 min preview sway me?  Maybe.  I go back and forth.  The central theme is that this technology is new and decidedly not mainstream nor will it be until a system incorporates it from the get go.  My opinion is that it is too expensive to be accessible to the average gamer.  The fate of video game accessories like this is typically one of novelty – lasting a few years and then falling by the wayside.  The very Playstation Move PSVR utilizes embodies that typecast.  I don’t even remember the Move, honestly.  So – with all that said – I will likely join the PSVR revolution (60/40% chance). However, I would not recommend the accessory to anyone unwilling to invest – and then lose their investment within 2 years.  As far as I’m concerned, the roughly $600.00 spent to make PSVR worthwhile is a 2 year fee for temporary use.  If you are okay with that, Robin and Nightwing will personally welcome your arrival.