Cheers, love, the cavalry's here!

Cheers, love, the cavalry’s here!

I’ve been so wrapped up in playing the Overwatch closed beta that I haven’t had a moment to sit down and WRITE about it instead of play it. That’s a big hint that this game is awesome!

I’m a fan of Blizzard games including World of Warcraft (WoW), Hearthstone, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm. I had NEVER played an FPS (first person shooter) before this game.

My husband was playing Overwatch during the tech alpha, so when the closed beta started, he wanted me to give it a try. Having seen the introduction of Overwatch in person at BlizzCon 2014, I was curious about playing the game for a number of reasons.

  1. The art style – it’s a mix of anime, comic book and “pixar-esque” artwork that is light-hearted and visually captivating.
  2. Variety of characters – you’re able to choose from a range of characters from cultures around the world, and there is a range of female characters!!
  3. Theme and world – it’s a sci fi, futuristic, but not-too-far-away version of our world. The level of detail inside the game itself is incredible! Fun easter eggs and references also pepper the world environment, such as Goldshire studio in the Hollywood map, and a murloc in a store in the Hanamura map.
  4. Roles – you can choose different roles to play, a little bit like classes in WoW. The game splits them into just a few roles, but there are really multiple shades within each role, including support, tank, builder, sniper, dps. Something for everyone!
Awesome cyborg samurai Genji ready to skirmish

Awesome cyborg samurai Genji ready to skirmish

I started playing the closed beta and the learning curve for me was pretty big at first. It was difficult to adapt to seeing the screen in 1st person rather than in 3rd person (which is what I’ve been seeing for years in WoW), my reaction time was pretty slow, my aim sub-par, and my awareness in a 3D space lacking.

I expected that I would be good at a healer character (Mercy), however it turned out that she was a bit difficult for me to play and not quite my style. (I’d still like to get better at her in the future though.) I stopped playing for a while and I nearly quit…

Mercy support healer in one of the cool skins

Mercy support healer in one of her cool skins

However, after logging back into WoW and staring at my garrison and an empty trade chat, I came back and gave Overwatch a second try. This time, I tried a few other characters, and I really made an effort to improve my basic fps skills.

Then, I fell in love with LUCIO — he’s a support character who uses music and sound to speed up and heal teammates, and to attack and push back enemies.

Games are 6v6 pvp payload and point capture maps. You can check out the Quick Play and Competitive mode games that I’ve played so far on Lucio on my Twitch channel:

Zariya on Lucio ready for battle with Khronuslight and friends during the Overwatch Beta

Zariya on Lucio ready for battle with Khronuslight and friends during the Overwatch beta

Lucio matches both my playstyle and my personality. He’s positive, versatile, gets to where he’s needed quickly, and when I’m playing him I feel helpful, important and right up in the action with the rest of the team.

The Overwatch community is currently great. As it’s in beta, it’s been populated by Blizzard employees, family, friends and a few others. I’ve already connected with so many good people who are also good players, and it’s easy to meet people because of the built in voice chat. We’ll see how the community holds up in open Beta and after release – fingers crossed!

So, if you’re thinking about trying Overwatch in the open Beta or deciding whether to pre-order it or purchase the game, I say go for it! The world can always use more heroes.




Lucio dancing on the Gibraltar map

Lucio showing off his dance moves on the Gibraltar map in-game