Jacen Hardy and BScotch are playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Their thoughts are captured here:

Who does Link remind you of in this new Zelda game? Anime character, movie, TV series, other game, etc?

Jacen Hardy:  So far? After 15 hours of exploring – he reminds me of Link. The silent hero of Hyrule.

BScotch: Well, there isn’t much talking, but you can tell he knows he has a job to do.  I would say most like Adventure of Link (Zelda II) version.

What is your favorite detail in Breath of the Wild?

Jacen Hardy: I know this is a cop out, but every little detail they threw in. The realistic fire, wind, lightning, breaking weaponry, the way you can block arrows and add them to your inventory. This world was created with such immense care, that I feel like there really isn’t any filler content in it. The shrine puzzles! I adore the thought and creativity that went into the shrine puzzles. They’re all unique and fun, but not so hard you want to bang your head on a wall.

BScotch:  The sheer amount of interaction with your surroundings.  I knew it was serious when I accidentally lit the tall grass on fire and nearly burned to death as a result.  The graphical remnants after the fire went out (over a long period of time) was a very nice touch.  I haven’t done many shrines yet, but my heightened awareness will prove valuable.  This game was made with great care – it will test your ability to adapt.

When do you expect to beat or tire of the game?

Jacen Hardy: At this point, I really don’t know. I’m loving just exploring and am actively avoiding the main story quests even though the main game is 20+ hours running straight through it. I’ve got maybe 33% of the map unlocked so far and am searching for shrines and actively avoiding the Guardians but am having a blast every moment. When I’m not playing Zelda, I’m thinking about Zelda. It truly is a masterpiece.

BScotch:  I typically do not return to games once I’ve beaten them, so I plan to take things slow and spend alot of time.  The longest I have ever spent on an RPG I haven’t played twice (or online MMO) was about 110 hours in Dragon Quest 8.  This game isn’t likely to top that.

Where is your favorite place to hang out in the world that you’ve explored thus far?

Jacen Hardy:  I probably visit Kakariko Village or the horse stables the most often to retrieve my horse. Otherwise, I like staying on the grassy areas in the southeast of the map for now. The cliffs are challenging and provide a good view to scout out shrines.

BScotch: Probably the woods.  I spent quite a bit of time hunting the wild pigs, mushrooms, and various fauna.  Cooking them in combinations to find new meals is appealing.  I wish there was some way that you could have them all written down…maybe there is and I missed it.

Why does the game appeal or not appeal to you?

Jacen Hardy: I think the answer is the overwhelming sense of freedom and love that this game has put into it. This is the greatest version of Skyrim ever created with Zelda characters/story. I have not gotten bored in this world. I love the art direction and the gameplay. It can be difficult to remember everything that’s possible to do, but that’s a great problem to have. Literally my only issue so far is Zelda’s English voice. I’m not crazy about it. Everyone else is good though.

BScotch: I am not a huge fan of the weapon system.  I think it’s great to have to search for weapons on the fly, but after awhile it got old.  The fighting is more tedious than it needs to be with the Wii U controller.  I don’t like my hands being that far apart while executing combination moves (hold this button while doing that).  I feel as though I’m not as fluid…and I’ve had alot of practice.  Many enemy territories have been raided.

How does this Zelda game rank in all the past iterations you’ve played so far?

Jacen Hardy: #1 Breath of the Wild, #2 Twilight Princess, #3 Wind Waker, #4 A Link to the Past, #5 The Legend of Zelda, #6 Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass…Last Skyward Sword (I haven’t finished Ocarina of Time yet, but love the story of it).

BScotch: Too early to say.  My favorite Zelda games were enhanced based on what was happening while I was playing.  Was I rushed?  Did I have time?  Was I playing multiple games at once?  Right now, I am playing multiple games, so this game may never get to have my full attention.  I appreciate it because in this current video game generation – unfulfilled story lines, game play, and overall quality are acceptable.  Nintendo threw that away with this game.  I will say it is better than Adventure of Link, but nowhere close to Link’s Awakening for me.  We’ll see.  And I cannot believe Jacen Hardy has not finished OOT and dares make this game #1.