Jacen Hardy bought a Nintendo Switch.  What does he think?

Who did you purchase the system for?

Me and my wife when she decides to play something.

What is the best function of the system you’ve discovered?

The seamless sleep/resume function. It is so nice to be able to jump back into a game in seconds vs. booting up a console and getting back in. It allows for bite size gameplay moments and the ability to put it down at a moment’s notice if I need to.

When did you buy the system?

Launch Day

Where did you buy the system?

Well…I pre-ordered it from jet.com, but there was a big mix up with all of their orders which resulted in my order getting canceled on launch day, so I beat feet over to Target before they opened and was one of 8 people in line for it when the store opened.

Why did you buy the system?

Because, as a dad, the ability to not only use it on the TV when I could, but to take it with me, is huge. Most of the time our TV is taken up by my little guy wanting to watch his shows and I love being able to immediately say “sure!” and then just pull it off the dock and continue playing. Also, because it’s a Nintendo System, I know that the games are generally safe for my son to watch me play and that is huge for me. I miss out on playing a lot of other games, because I just can’t play them in front of my son.

How has the system performed thus far? With what games and in which configurations?

It has performed really well. The UI is snappy and responsive, launching in and out of games is quick…it’s what I wanted the PS Vita to be. I’ve already mentioned the seamlessness of putting it on the TV and taking it off. It works exactly as advertised. The other awesome part is the ease of swapping controllers. When I want to use my Pro Controller, I simply press the home button and it takes over for the joycons. And the pro controller is SOOO nice. It feels solid and well made in your hands. It’s definitely my 2nd favorite controller after the DS4.