• Comicbook Review: Grizzly Shark

    A violently graphic comedy that makes George R. R. Martin look like a character hoarder. I may be slightly biased as an on again off again owner of the nickname Sharkbait. Additionally, I maintain an incredible fear respect for most bodies of water and as well as a safe distance. When I spotted the comic Read More

  • 4 Hour Review: Deus EX

    Deus Ex MΔNKIND DIVIDED (hells yea symbol font for the Δ win!) (ΔΔΔΔΔThe Deus you always wanted to give your ExΔΔΔΔΔ) Warning: Super Long Boot Up Rant So it’s been a while. I dusted off Ye olde Xbox One and when I booted up this bad boy, it had over an hour of downloads and Read More

  • Evolve: The Monster’s Point of View (A Commentary)

    When I looked up this game and saw that I could become a giant monster that crushes puny humans and eats other monsters, I was super pumped! It looked like an awesome mash up of the arcade version of Primal Rage mixed with Rampage, but I quickly learned there was much more to this game Read More

  • Types of Dude Gamers

    Types of Dude Gamers By Level1Wizard & Zariya Hit us up on Twitter: @Lvl1Wizard, @gamerzariya Disclaimers: This is entirely non-scientific and simply for fun, so please read with a sense of humor handy! Written by one male gamer and one female gamer. Dude gamers… we know you… we love you… we rage at you… we Read More