Jonathan Alan

  • Opinion: Horizon Zero Dawn

    Jonathan Alan is playing Horizon Zero Dawn…A LOT.  Here’s what he’s saying: Who is the main character in your view? Aloy (pronounced AY-LOY). She is the typical outcast turned hero but with surprising depth and a twist that alloys her to become a unique character. She will be the next PlayStation icon. What is the Read More

  • Opinion: Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Jacen Hardy and BScotch are playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Their thoughts are captured here: Who does Link remind you of in this new Zelda game? Anime character, movie, TV series, other game, etc? Jacen Hardy:  So far? After 15 hours of exploring – he reminds me of Link. The silent hero of Hyrule. BScotch: Read More

  • Commentary: Final Fantasy XV CTg Q & A

    The CTg bloggers who played and finished Final Fantasy XV answered a few questions concerning the game.  The responses are below: 1. Who was your favorite character? Jacen Hardy: Arden (Ardyn?) I can’t freaking remember BScotch:  I would say Ardyn…yeah – the bad guy. Jonathan Alan: Arena Highwind Rage Lionheart: Ignus.  He really was the core of the Read More

  • Captain’s Log: Navigating No Man’s Sky

    NOTE: Captain’s log will be an ongoing series as Jacen Hardy and Jonathan Alan blog about their experiences with No Man’s Sky.  Check back often for updates!  MOST CURRENT WILL BE AT THE TOP. Captain Alan’s Log, Star Date 89345.2: After visit 23 planets it seems like my journey has come to an end. Not Read More

  • 4 Hour Review: Battleborn

    A few days ago, Battleborn went on sale on Amazon with the season pass for $40, so Jonathan Alan and I jumped in.  After about 4 hours of my murderous mecha-riding penguin (Toby) and his show off space marine (Oscar Mike) were tearing it up and having a blast. Presentation: The game begins with an Read More

  • 4 Hour Review: Uncharted 4

    “I can’t believe how real these games look these days.”-my wife, watching me play Uncharted 4 Uncharted 4 starts slowly, perhaps too slowly for my taste.  By chapter 6/7 things had picked up significantly and that’s about where I stopped to write this review.  You will see my (Jacen Hardy’s) opinion as the main body Read More

  • 4 Hour Review: Dark Souls 3

    VIDEO: JONATHAN ALAN   TEXT: JACEN HARDY My Souls background is actually weirdly similar to that of my Zelda background.  I’ve started/tried every single Souls game, but never got more than a few hours into any of them but Bloodborne.  I flat out did not like Dark Souls 2, the hollowing mechanic really bothered me Read More

  • 4 Hour Review: Tom Clancy’s The Division

    Caveat. I have played The Division for longer than 4 hours, but this review will focus on the first few play session, albeit with the knowledge of someone who has reached the maximum level and experienced all of the story missions. I am a veteran of Bungie’s Destiny MMO FPS.  The Division has been touted Read More

  • Dark Souls: A New Type of Adventure

      A New Type of Adventure “Ahh, you think you’re different? That you can handle it? Yes, I remember that feeling. For I was the same.”   When you think of action/adventure RPGs (AARPG) what comes to you mind? You have certain types of classes: knights, mages, Templars, thief, etc. You have a grand story Read More