• Review: Steaming Along – Killing Floor 1 & 2

    By: Itshebum Since it is the season for scary, I went back to a couple of my old favorites this week. I like finding cheap games on Steam from time to time – just to see what is out there and maybe find something interesting now and then. Spending a couple bucks, to play a Read More

  • Editorial: Itshe is back!

    Sorry for the hiatus….but Itshe is back! So it has been a hectic year here, between having a full-time job, while being pregnant and then having a baby boy, so much has changed in my life this year. I went from working all day to being able to play video games all night, to playing Read More

  • Types of Girl Gamers

    Yes, girl gamers do exist! They may be few and far between, but when you meet one in-game, they usually would fall into one or more of the following categories: