We will probably have a Podcast on this topic, but I wanted to address the news that Square Enix has decided to split FFVII up into 4 parts following the FFXIII model.

I love Final Fantasy VII. It’s not my favorite Final Fantasy, but it’s darn close. That being said, here’s what I wanted from a remake: Updated graphics and music/sound effects and the entirety of the game on one disc. That’s all. This whole idea of a new battle system and splitting the game is a bad idea. After playing the FFXV demo, I can’t help but feel that FF is inching closer and closer to Kingdom Hearts and that’s OK moving forward but I don’t want that in a remake. The battle systems in the FF games are part of what make them so beloved and wonderful. I want to be able to summon Knights of the Round in all its HD glory and sit back and just enjoy the animation, not worry about having to have my next attack immediately ready. But these are just minor gripes compared to the biggest issue: splitting the game.

It’s a money grab, plain and simple. Why charge $60 or $80 for the complete game when you can piecemeal it out for $40 a shot? But my bigger problem is not the price but the continuity of the world. I don’t know how they will release it, but it sounds like the world will not be one cohesive place, but rather 4 different pieces of the world. That sucks. I loved taking the airship and exploring the whole world once I had maxed out my characters. I do not want to have to switch games to accomplish that. I want this to be a single, cohesive effort like the original was. Please Square, hear our pleas and don’t ruin our favorite games.

Jacen Hardy