The Top 5 Most Shocking Scenes in Final Fantasy


Hey everyone!  I want to apologize up front.  Some of you may or may not know, I am in a very far away place with very little internet connectivity and a lot of studying.  So with a lot of other video game websites doing nearly the same thing I am, I’m going to skip over some of the ideas/articles I was going to write and go straight on with the schedule.  Here are your Top 5 most shocking scenes in Final Fantasy.

Before we begin…

While it sucks that Final Fantasy XV has been delayed until November, I for one am okay with this.  If Square Enix needs two more months to figure out how to fix bugs or clean up the frame rates in some areas, I would say go ahead.  Even though we live in a world where Day One patching is now accepted in our video game culture (for better or worse), I’m glad that the development team is focusing down for gamers with various internet connections as well as providing a quality product up front.  Plus, when you wait a collective ten years for this game to come out, you can live with waiting two more months.

To give everyone a little bit of basis, I am going through what I saw as the most surprising to me.  It can be either very sad or very exciting depending on the particular scene.  Just as an FYI, this will have spoilers.  If you wish to not see these now, I recommend you stop reading the article now and play some of these games ASAP!

Number 5: Final Fantasy Type-0:  Class Zero needs to make a choice

Ace and crew are really faced with an impossible choice.  Either become a L’cie and continue to unending cycle of war, or break the cycle by fighting the world’s fate and then dying for it.  Also, not just Ace, but the whole damn Class Zero.  I played the most mature Final Fantasy I’d ever played and it took me a bit of time to determine what kind of choice I would make.  You spend a lot of effort working with these people only to pick their collective fate.  I determined that the war needed to stop and ended up sacrificing the entire team.  When you see class zero sitting in the destroyed classroom, you think that they are just exhausted from the fight.  Truth be told, they are all dead.  But, hey at least the war is over and people can remember other people after they have died…nice trade off….right?



Number 4: Final Fantasy IV: Cecil finds out Golbez is actually his brother

After watching Golbez kill off your friend Tellah (well I guess Tellah did it himself with his hate and revenge built up so much he decided to use Meteor (or Meteo)) and then wreak your entire life, Cecil finds out the truth that Golbez is actually his brother.  Now Cecil must fight against his own flesh and blood in order to bring peace to the world.

FFIV Brothers

Number 3: Final Fantasy X: SIN is actually Jecht, Tidus’ father and the only way to beat him has a Twist!

Along the same lines of Final Fantasy IV, we find another realization that Tidus’ father is actually SIN and with Jecht within, whom had traveled to the world of Spira across time and dreams to fight with Yuna’s father.  We know that Tidus despises his father for being who he is and Jecht’s overall outlook on his family to include Tidus, but on top of it, we see Jecht is destroying the world.  At first, you think that this would be an easy choice for Tidus and would basically kill two birds with one stone.  HowTidus Confusedever the truth is revieled that whomever destroys SIN must be replaced by the summoner or host as the SIN spirit must continue.  This provides the biggest bombshell that Yuna’s choice to fight SIN was also a choice of her demise.





Number 2: Final Fantasy VII: Aerith (or Aeris if you prefer) is murdered by Sephiroth with no way to bring her back

I’m going to admit it, there have been two moments that I actually shed a tear for a video game that I can remember.  One of them was when watching Aerith get murdered by Sephiroth.  As Cloud, you are already having a difficult time understanding who you actually are and if you are truly a puppet of Sephiroth.  While on this journey of self discovery, Cloud ultimately gives the black materia to Sephiroth, which promps Aerith into action.  She determines its a grand idea to try and save the planet by herself by invoking the magic Holy and stoping Sephiroth from destroying the planet.  Then after searching the forgotten city, Cloud comes in to save the day, yet even a bit confused on what he is supposed to do.  He finally finds Aerith and a look of calm and control takes him over.  He is able to resist the calling of Sephiroth from killing off Aerith.  Then as Cloud comes to his senses, the unthinkable happens.   Sephiroth comes screaming out from the sky to stab her directly in the back!

Aeirth Death

We’ve seen characters die before in Final Fantasy games, but with this particular death  was really hard to take.  I felt like we had invested a lot into Aerith.  We knew there was some sort of troubled love triangle, we know that we had fun with her in Gold Saucer, and then all at once we lose her for the rest of the quest.  Like most people who played this game, we had shared a connection with Aerith.  She was a nice flower girl who was really good at healing the party.  She was fun and we thought there was more to her story than what was led on to (even though we see a bit more of her back story in Final Fantasy Crisis Core)  Final Fantasy fans the world over tried to find the game path or story arc that would allow us to bring Aerith back to life.  Most people believed that there was a way; considering she could get the level 99 and has a 4th limit break slot.

Well played Square Enix (Squaresoft at the time).  We all bought into it.  Sure, there are unofficial ways to bring Aerith back, but in the grand Final Fantasy VII story, she was long gone.

Number 1: Final Fantasy VI: Kefka Palazzo annihilates the planet

Welcome to the end of the world!

FFVI Destroy

With the exception of Final Fantasy XIV’s total destruction of the planet (more so to really rebuild the game), no other scene was more shocking that when our favorite clown, Kefka literally annihilates the entire face of the planet.  You’ve spent about half the game rebelling against the Empire and in what you think should be an epic battle to stop Kefka from using the warring triad. However no matter what you do on the floating continent, Kefka succeeds in controlling the most power force on the planet and utterly destroys and changes the entire face of the planet!  Everything you defended for, people who you cared for, and even your own party members are physically and emotionally broken.

The world has ended and you are made to think that you completely failed in your quest.  I was so shocked when this happened, I thought that I had just screwed up and somehow didn’t play the game correctly.  However, as I thought the game was going to reset me back to my last save point, it moves into the second half of the game where we start to live in an entirely new world with new problems and a mad man rules with an iron fist and for his own sick pleasures.

My descriptions probably don’t do these scenes justice.  Final Fantasy has always been the king of JRPGs in terms of shock value and emotional draining care you have for the people.  Do yourself a favor and go back and play these games.

Keep on fighting

-Rage LiMost Gents FFXIV Honheart