If you are on the fence about Lego Marvel games, feel free to jump in.  Buy them both.

I, for one, miss the Ultimate Alliance series, a few of the past Spiderman games and X-Men on Sega Genesis.  After Marvel was acquired by Disney, it feels as though video game licensing was reeled in.  Captain America and Thor both received movie games, but as with with movie inspired games, they were terrible.  To date, Warner Brothers’ LEGO franchise has taken comics, movies, and cartoons to the promised land.  LEGO Batman, LEGO Indiana Jones, and LEGO Star Wars games have received entertaining titles.



LEGO Marvel Super Heroes gives us a somewhat original story with universe mutants, Avengers, villains and cameos culminating in a humorous fight with the mighty Galactus.  More recently, LEGO Avengers releases the MCU into the LEGO-verse.  The game feature levels abbreviating films using dialogue from our favorite on-screen actors.  Featured are Avengers movies with DLC add-ons with Ant-Man, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Iron-Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Agents of SHIELD.  Further add-ons provide character introductions for future MCU heroes – Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange (ANAD – All New all Different).  The add-ons come at a fair price of 10 dollars.

These Marvel games are the current standard; the best you can get.  As we eagerly await Insomniac’s Spiderman game, LEGO has what can ease your appetite.

NOTE: Just before publishing, I discovered the Ultimate Alliance re-releases on current gen systems.  So, I rephrase to say the LEGO Marvel series is the best new games you can acquire.  My opinion though, Ultimate Alliance is tops overall.  I’ll be enjoying them when they launch.