Sorry for the hiatus….but Itshe is back!

So it has been a hectic year here, between having a full-time job, while being pregnant and then having a baby boy, so much has changed in my life this year. I went from working all day to being able to play video games all night, to playing video games just a few hours a day, to not being able to play anything more than an app game on my phone or iPad in between trying to get the baby to sleep. Life has been crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Now that my maternity leave is over, and I am back at work and have the baby on a schedule – I finally have some “me” time again and am able to do things I enjoy for myself, i.e. video games!

Since, I am just getting back into the swing of things, I am going to start off with the app games that I have been playing that do not take much thought, and you can play anytime without the feeling of falling behind. These are just a couple time wasting apps, but can be a lot of fun or full of frustration – you pick!

Onto the app games:

Candy Crush Saga – this includes Soda & Jelly – as you cannot just play one – you have to play all three now as when you run out of lives in one – just move onto the other two and so on. I was so against this game when it first came out. A bunch of my friends (both men and women) were playing it, and I was like how can you all get suckered into that game – it is so dumb…well, when you have kids like all of them did, I found out that it is very easy to get suckered into it because you really do not get much time to do much else. So I started playing, the series is fun, can even be competitive (when you are trying to  get ahead of all of your friends and when that can’t happen you just settle for beating their scores), and it is also frustrating! I swear I have been stuck on a level for a month now and still have no idea when I will be able to pass it – then when I get so close – it asks me – do you want to purchase some gold bars so you can get additional moves to pass this level – umm so tempting! All in all, they are a fun series of apps that can be played at any time.

Love Live! – This one a friend that watched the series, got me into playing the game. It is highly addictive, because it is a rhythm game that has special events to get better “cards” with better stats so you can get higher scores. This one takes a little more finesse to play as you need to actually follow the rhythm to be able to pass your song and it is not easy to pause if something else comes up. Also during the events, I would be timing when my “hearts” would be popping back up so that I could maximize my efforts and hopefully get into the top tiers to get the card I needed. Also the RNG on rolling for the cards gets addictive as well – it is a gamble and the one time you get a good card – it suckers you in to want to try again. Lots of fun – but it does feel like a job at times.

Paint It Back – This one takes some thought once you get into the higher levels. Basically, the game is puzzle game in which the “art” has disappeared and you have to use your brain to solve the grid of the painting to complete it. It gets progressively harder as you go, and once you have a few rows figured out you can usually complete the puzzle. This one is better played with a fresher mind rather than a sleep deprived one, but it keeps you engaged and you can play it at any time.

Pokemon Go! – This one has been touched on already with other gamers – and all I will add is that I was intrigued, so I downloaded it myself and tried to play it when I would take my dog out on a walk (not going many places with a newborn), and it was hit and miss for me. Some days there would be tons of Pokemon for me to capture, and others none! This was frustrating – as well as that there are no Pokestops or gyms near me since I do not live in a big city. I played it for a week, and then one day when I logged in – it deleted everything I did – so I just deleted the app and moved on!

Any other apps out there that have sucked you all into playing them? Let me know in your comments, tweets, FB posts and I will check them out!