Why does Final Fantasy mean so much?  In Part 1, I went into detail about how Final Fantasy 7 changed the way I played games and which types I played.  Using a typical argument fallacy, I will answer the question with a series of questions – why do comic books mean so much?  Why do movies mean so much?  Why does watching your favorite sporting team mean so much?  We are more critical of institutions that take us away from the real world. Video games, now more mainstream than ever, fill the role of real world escapism to the tune of billions of dollars a year.  That’s not a mistake or fluke.  Final Fantasy has made its fair share of cash.  Final Fantasy will need to earn its cash again with Final Fantasy XV.

I wasn’t going to do it.  I figured the pre-release cash grab anime, comics, and figurines for FFF XV were basically hype train merchandise.  After getting burned with the likes of season passes and pre-order rubbish, there was no need to further indulge an increasingly greedy market.  Alas, I bought Final Fantasy: Kinsglaive.  Surprisingly, disappointment in my lack of discipline turned into joy.  SquareEnix’s team put together a standalone film worthy of the 14 dollar price tag.  Using voice talents from Sean Bean and Lena Headey was a smart move; although Sean Bean’s mere presence was a spoiler.  The end of the movie leads, competently, into where the main storyline quest till take over.  Presumably, the game will reference the actions that took place in the film adding to the overall experience.  Make no mistake; however, the movie was a paid DLC, but one with satisfying results.

Perhaps I will take a closer look at the other pre-launch material, maybe.

In Part 3, I will give first impressions.  With my hopes up, we could witness the rebirth of the Final Fantasy non-MMO series on November 29th.  We shall see.