I’m going to make this quick.  The critics have blasted this movie.  DC fanboys have defended it to the death.  Marvel fanboys have picked it apart.  Those of us who just like seeing nerd culture we used to get made fun of supporting sit somewhere between.

Personally, I thought it was a bad movie.  There is a slight silver lining that I believe can be corrected.  I found the most glaring problem was the editing…a similar problem, albeit not the only nor worse one, to BvS.  It’s blatantly obvious someone went back into the movie and stuck a few scenes in there to lighten the mood.  The plot is a mess.  The writing is worse.  And the Joker…was a joke.  He’s only in it for a few scenes – a total fake out for fans.  This action reeks of higher office meddling. The same kind that nearly tanked Age of Ultron a few years back.

Disney used their influence to correct the problem by removing a certain individual who was notorious for meddling leaving the King of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige, to rule alone.  Enter Captain America: Civil War, the Sony Compromise, the Joss Whedon makeup, and the return of the MCU kickoff specialist Jon Favreau.  The latter two had harsh words upon their exit from Marvel Studios.  Now welcomed back with open arms.  It is my opinion that Fox is watching Spiderman Homecoming closely.  If it makes money for Sony (big money), Fantastic Four will come home as well.

What does this long winded backstory have to do with DC?  Everything.  The MCU has, to date, not been an influence to the DCU.  In fact, they actively run from it.  That’s great.  This is something they should not run from.  Root out your problem areas and let the creativity flow with a DCU master pulling string to make sure everything makes sense.  We’re hoping this is what happened with Geoff Johns.  He hopefully preceded Suicide Squad, because DC can do better.  Geoff Johns is in a position to orchestrate a movie miracle in the era of the proverbial “comic book cinematic universe.”  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have TV to help his case for sticking around like Marvel, but he also has none of the baggage in terms of storytelling that comes with.  Godspeed sir, godspeed.