The CTg bloggers who played and finished Final Fantasy XV answered a few questions concerning the game.  The responses are below:

1. Who was your favorite character?

Jacen Hardy: Arden (Ardyn?) I can’t freaking remember

BScotch:  I would say Ardyn…yeah – the bad guy.

Jonathan Alan: Arena Highwind

Rage Lionheart: Ignus.  He really was the core of the team. He had a good supporting role in Brotherhood and FFXV.  Looking forward to seeing his backstory DLC. May change to Prompto when his DLC is out.

2. What was your favorite musical theme?

BScotch:  Apocalypsis Noctis. I’m a sucker for choral themes done well. Runner up would be the way Lestallum changes based on what part of town you’re in.

Jonathan Alan: Exploration battle theme

Rage Lionheart: Ardyn’s Theme. Real mysterious

Jacen Hardy: umm… the FFXIV soundtrack? Honestly, nothing was that memorable.

3. When did you finalize your opinion of the game? What chapter or event?

Rage Lionheart: To be honest, my opinion of the game was split just like how the directors made the split before and after the train sequence. (Was it made by two directors? Felt like it)

Why this is one of the best FFs:
– Chapters 1 through Chapter 8. I really loved the open world format and the world around me.
– The bros trip was a pretty cool dynamic. You really felt like these guys cared about each other
– I felt I could go pretty much everywhere and do anything (until i got on the train)

Why this is (currently) one of the worse FFs:
– After Chapter 9 to the ending. A complete missed opportunity to explore all of these other areas during the train
– Chapter 13’s Zegnautus Keep (its a FF staple to have long annoying towers)
– Missed backstories to all other characters during the FFXV game. DLC may fix this.
– After the 10 year sleep in the crystal. Way overpowered enemies! Brought back sad memories of Grand Pulse from FFXIII

BScotch:  Completion of Chapter 12

Jacen Hardy: This is a tough question to answer.  When I began the game, I found myself bored and underwhelmed.  As an avid FFXIV player, I had seen large worlds in the FF universe before that felt significantly more like a FF universe than this one did.  Yeah, there were large random meteors and creatures, but it didn’t “feel” like FF to me.  The clash of modern/realistic and fantasy didn’t click.  Additionally, the blatant removal of chunks of the game to save it for DLC made me angry.  After a while, I began to have some fun with it and I was curious to see where it went.  I knew something was wrong after the Leviathan fight.  The fight itself was an auto win, not difficult at all just push the X button until he’s dead and then everything just turned super linear and rushed.  The build up to the tragic event in that fight was completely missing, I didn’t know why I should care about what was going on.  I hated that I was now confined to a linear story that was so obviously rushed/cut to make a deadline.  My final opinion was cemented on hitting chapter 13 though.  I still don’t know what that was or why it existed…

Jonathan Alan: I came to my opinion of the game during the final cutscene.

4. Where was your favorite place to spend time in the game?

BScotch: Open world river valley east of Lestallum

Rage Lionheart: At the campfire. Hanging out with the bros.

Jacen Hardy: On the back of a chocobo

Jonathan Alan: Duscea was my favorite area to explore in the game.

5. How did you prefer to set up primary weapons for Noctis? What was your style?

Jacen Hardy: Mash buttons until everything was dead?

BScotch:  Heavy weapon, light weapon and a spear. One of those would be the specialty king’s weapons. All go – heal when necessary. Defense in this type of game wastes too much time

Jonathan Alan: I usually set Noctis with a pole, light sword, one spell and one of the royal arms.

Rage Lionheart: About 90% of the time, I used a standard sword, lance, a spell, and a Kings Weapon (Usually Greatsword type or Katana). I like up and close fighting with options to use spells if I run into heavy defense enemies. What was nice about this game is I could go right into the menu and switch on the fly.  This tactic would have been good to know early in the game.

6. Discuss the ending of the game. What do you think happened? Why? Was the ending appropriate or satisfying?

BScotch:  One of two things – development team ran out of ideas or time. I believe the latter was clarified as the culprit. For some reason it took Noctis 10 years to acquire power that his ancestors took minutes to secure? Unsure. Arydn was a mystery – part of his appeal, but the great downfall is that he was never given a motive other than to “stick it to the Kings.”

The ending was appropriate for a FF. Killing a main character has deep roots in previous games, Tidus comes to mind – Aeris, etc. Noctis was barely known – but you knew him just enough for the impact of his self sacrifice to be understood. Unfortunately, you don’t know any of his friends – why they are friends, and how deeply their friendship goes to care how they might feel.  An epilogue of what they did in the aftermath would be nice. Overall, it was a total mess with an epic fail of an emotionally bankrupt series of moments akin to the death of Superman in BvS.

Rage Lionheart:  The game ended pretty much the way I thought it would once Ardyn announced his true intentions. I think Noctis did what he had to do based on the lore from KingsGlaive, by giving up his soul to kings of the past was the only way to stop Ardyn.

Was the ending appropriate, yes…was it satisfying…no. I could have used a lot more backstory on Ardyn. I felt he could have been on the same level as Keafka or Sephiroth, but there just wasn’t enough story to truly make his defeat satisfying. Like a lot more detail into why he was he banished and scorned by the people he helped heal? Was he jealous that he couldn’t take the throne?  Final Fantasy villains need to be fleshed out more to show real impact and true satisfaction when you beat him, or it just turns out to be similar to FFIX’s final boss.

Jonathan Alan:  The ending felt half finished. While the last scene makes enough sense, you don’t really understand why it is happening. A lot of this has to do with the story leading up to it not so much the ending itself. By all accounts it is probably a good ending for what they originally intended before they gave the axe to the game to make sure it released in 2016.

Jacen Hardy: Everything in the final chapter was disappointing, from not allowing you to explore Insomnia with the harder creatures to the random Ifrit fight (and awful design) to the again, press X to win final battle was just completely anti-climactic.

7. If you bought the season pass – why?

Jacen Hardy:  I’m ashamed to admit I did. At the time, I was having fun and I had a bunch of credit at Gamestop from a trade-in and they had nothing else I wanted.

BScotch:  No – I had a bad feeling when SquareEnix was ferrying out story elements through a movie (which was pretty good actually) and an anime. There are really only two reasons to have a season pass – to extend a story, which I can do without, or fill in holes. The latter appears to be the case. No thanks.

Jonathan Alan:  Did not buy season pass since it is a Final Fantasy game, hence there should have never been a season pass.

Rage Lionheart: I did, just for the fact that I want to see the story fleshed out. I think after waiting 10 years for this, I can shell out a few more dollars. Its really because I see the potential of this game, the way it should be. If the DLC can allow the other characters some better backstory (especially Prompto!) then I want to see it.

Oh and limited events in FFXV…that’s BullS^%t…I play FFXIV and expect that in an MMO, not a single player game

8. Where would this game in Final Fantasy numbered titles for you?

BScotch:  2nd to last. FF 13 is still last because it played like Super Mario Brothers. A linear everything from start to finish by design. FF XV had enormous potential. The cancelled events, shortened storyline, and extraordinarily poor character development were unintended. The game was a victim of poor publisher/developer relationship. It needed another year of development for sure. The soundtrack is fantastic – wasted on poor flow. The graphics are where they need to be. The open world is the next level from where FF has progressed.

Jacen Hardy: This is probably the toughest question. I have zero desire to ever play this game, and that makes me sad. I could see replaying XIII at some point, but would place this below both XIII-2 and XIII-3 at the bottom of my list. Every other FF has something redeeming that I’d love to go back and revisit.

Rage Lionheart: Only considering the Core FF numbered games (1-15, including 11 and 14), I would say this lands as my number 8 out of 15.  Seems appropriate based on my answer to question 3. Once the DLC rollout is complete next year, it may change the ranking. I plan on playing it again in 2018, just to see if the DLC matches my expectations.

Jonathan Alan: This game would fall second to last place. It is better than X-2. But if you don’t count X-2 as a real FF game then XV would get last place. Still a good game, but pales in comparison to its predecessors.