A violently graphic comedy that makes George R. R. Martin look like a character hoarder.

I may be slightly biased as an on again off again owner of the nickname Sharkbait. Additionally, I maintain an incredible fear respect for most bodies of water and as well as a safe distance.

When I spotted the comic book Grizzly Shark, my mind jumped back to a couple days ago my childhood days of pulling apart my Ninja Turtles and other toys to create some ultimate monstrosity. Not to mention the cruel and ultimately disappointing PC game Impossible Creatures. So much build up, so much let down, like the Hindenburg all over again.

So I grabbed this bad boy, opened it up anticipating sharks with bear bodies wreaking havoc. Was I mildly disappointed? Yes, because it’s more like Sharknado, minus the nado. I know, I know, you’re like “Wut?” Which is exactly how I felt.


(Grizzly Shark is definitely not this)

I thought the concept was crazy and added it to my pull list. However after reading the first one, I was pretty much ready to remove it from my list. It was practically a montage of people being jackasses to each other and then getting horrifically mauled by random sharks in the woods. While it was pretty amusing, and insanely gory, I didn’t see much of a story.

However, I accidentally continued my subscription and that’s when I ran into Grizzly Shark #2 and Grizzly Shark #3 (Grizzly Shark vs. Sea Bear) and an interesting story started to form with incredibly expendable resilient characters, experiencing grizzly…shark maulings.

The drawings keep it light despite the gruesomeness, you find yourself rooting for these crazy characters despite the ridiculousness of it all, and Grizzly Shark vs. Sea Bear manages to be super gory, hilarious and  fulfill childhood fantasies that not even Animal Face-Off had dreamed up.

If you’re looking for a crazy gruesome comedy, this one is bloody killer.


Some spoilers and snazzy ass infographics below! Data was pulled from all three comics.


(Each shark represents a victim of Grizzly Shark)


(This just in, have your pie and Grizzly Shark too!)