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Commentary: Final Fantasy XV CTg Q & A

The CTg bloggers who played and finished Final Fantasy XV answered a few questions concerning the game.  The responses are below: 1. Who was your favorite character? Jacen Hardy: Arden (Ardyn?) I can’t freaking remember BScotch:  I would say Ardyn…yeah – the bad guy. Jonathan Alan: Arena Highwind Rage Lionheart: Ignus.  He really was the core of the Read More

1 Hour Review: Justice Monsters V

IT’S TIME FOR JUSTICE….PINBALL STYLE Morning everyone.  It’s fair to say that Square-Enix is putting everything they have into the Final Fantasy XV bucket.  As of right now, we have a feature pre-story movie, the base game, the anime, the figurines, the post cards, internet events, demos and the list goes on.  I’ve played the Read More

Editorial: Waiting For Final Fantasy XV: The Top 5 Most Shocking Scenes

The Top 5 Most Shocking Scenes in Final Fantasy Hey everyone!  I want to apologize up front.  Some of you may or may not know, I am in a very far away place with very little internet connectivity and a lot of studying.  So with a lot of other video game websites doing nearly the Read More

CTg Movie Conversations: Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond We’ve come a long way since 1966!  This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and to bring it in, Justin Lin and Simon Pegg present Star Trek Beyond.  As a fan of the original series (which I saw in the 80’s during its reruns) I expect nothing less that the Read More

4 Hour Review: Pokemon Go!

4 Hour Review:  Pokemon Go! Welcome to Pokemon Basic Hey everyone!  I’m finally getting a chance to write a review on Nintendo’s second mobile game, Pokemon Go!  Many of you have already heard a lot about Pokemon Go! from the major news outlets.  When I first heard about the game, I didn’t realize how popular Read More

The Top 5: Waiting For Final Fantasy XV: The Best Characters

The Top 5: Waiting for Final Fantasy XV:  The Best Characters The Final Fantasy series is full of great characters.  People full of heart, courage, love, brilliant, and seekers of self-fulfillment.  These carefully crafted characters are a powerful core of Final Fantasy series.  Their stories shape the world they live in.  They are able to Read More

The Top Five: Waiting For Final Fantasy XV Part 1: The Artwork

The Top Five:  Waiting for Final Fantasy XV: The Artwork Let’s enjoy the beauty that is Final Fantasy and let the artwork do the talking. Hello everyone, I’m back after a trip to the ER and a long week of recovery.  However all worries aside, I feel much like myself and ready to start talking Read More

The Top Five: Waiting For Final Fantasy XV Part 1: The Battle System

Let the Battle Begin! Good Morning Final Fantasy Fans!  As promised, I wanted to start out discussing the best of the best from Final Fantasy.  I’ve been playing Final Fantasy for over twenty years now.  I’ve played every single entry in the main series and the majority of spin offs.  While I will admit, I Read More

Waiting for Final Fantasy XV…

The long wait for Final Fantasy XV will soon be over!  Time to Celebrate…Wait it doesn’t come out until Sept 30! I feel the same way Noct After waiting ten years for the latest and greatest Final Fantasy game to finally come out, I’ve been trying to fill the void with older games in the Read More

Editorial: The Ace Attorney Series

  Hello everyone, Rage Lionheart here again and I wanted to write about something different than my usual reviews of JRPGs and give you a 10,000 foot look into the Ace Attorney Series on DS and 3DS.  Its one of my favorite hidden gems that I really enjoy playing over the last three years.  There Read More

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