NOTE: Captain’s log will be an ongoing series as Jacen Hardy and Jonathan Alan blog about their experiences with No Man’s Sky.  Check back often for updates!  MOST CURRENT WILL BE AT THE TOP.

Captain Alan’s Log, Star Date 89345.2:

After visit 23 planets it seems like my journey has come to an end. Not forever but until the gods can make a more stable universe to live in. It seems that every time I try to start up my hyper drive my world just stops working.I then have to try again because I lost all the progress I have made. It makes me nervous to ever leave my current system.

I am also noticed that the worlds I have discovered, while beautiful, feel exactly the same. Before starting my journey I was hoping that each planet would provide some variety in activities to do but it seems that every planet has the same crashed ship, same monoliths and same beacons. While some of the aliens I have encountered look different their personalities, habits and problems all feel exactly the same.

There is a God known as Atlas who has made contact with me and wants me to find him. Sadly I have lost the momentum to continue this quest. Maybe when the universe has a bit more variety and stops crashing I might continue the quest. Until then though, I will just stay on a planet that I call home


See you space cowboy//

Captain Hardy’s Log, Stardate 94229.8:

No Man's Sky_20160813200210


The scenery never ceases to amaze me.  Every system I jump to is a new sight to behold.  My new ship is more capable than the last as is my new multitool.  Things are beginning to click for me and I’m starting to get the hang of exploring these planets.  I will find myself on a gorgeous planet that’s devoid of minerals and choose to leave that hospitable environment to get the things I need for my next jump.  It’s a little sad.  The Ubisoft map opening bug has bitten me.  When I play Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry games, I become obsessed with opening the whole map and collecting as much as I can.  What concerns me with this game though, is that cycle could last an infinite amount of time.  I can’t afford to do that.  As a result, I am making to the choice to put down No Man’s Sky until the next patch rolls out.  I don’t want to risk spending too much time trying to accomplish my goals when there may be a time-saving fix coming in the next patch.  I love this galaxy and want to keep exploring, just not right now.

No Man's Sky_20160816181321

Until next time

Keep adventuring Captains.  Upload your experiences in the comments!  I look forward to reading them.


Captain Hardy’s Log, Stardate 94224.5: 

It has been 3 days since my last entry and a lot has happened.  I survived the bitter cold of Setsuna and was able to mine enough minerals to afford a new multitool.  This was a godsend as it gave me more slots to upgrade.  I continued seeking out Droppods and upgraded my exosuit as well.  Now I can run faster, jump higher, and carry more minerals.  After departing Setsuna, I arrived in another system in the Euclid Galaxy only to be immediately notified of a distress call.  I engaged my pulse jets and found a convoy under attack from space pirates.  I swung into action, eliminating 2 or 3 of them before their numbers overwhelmed me and I was down for the count.  I recovered at the nearby Starbase and set my sights on a large planet nearby.

No Man's Sky_20160811201844

Amazing View, annoying Sentinels

I landed to find the planet full of lush vegitation but also covered in snow.  I dubbed it “Snowy Endor” and began my exploration.  Finally, I had found a planet that was at least reasonably hospitable (although the nights are very cold) and full of valuable items.  I was able to make enough off of this planet to buy a new ship, but I could not find the last creature I needed to 100% the planet.  I continued off the planet and made 2 more jumps to a system closer to the Atlas anomoly that I was summoned to.  I think I’m 3-4 more jumps away from it.  When I arrived, I purchased a used ship from a trader at the Starbase and desided to rest there before continuing to explore the purple-hued solar system.


Captain Scotch Log, Star Date 70075.7:

It has been sometime since I left Planet Shin sen gumi of the Gorgon 5 system.  After several hyperspace jumps, I find myself bounty-less on a moon without a ship needed to carry supplies adequate for the journey.  Gold, Platinum, Iridium, and Plutonium do not supply the correct ratio for the intelligent life forms, the Kovaks, to offer compensation.  Endless sentinels impeded my journey.  Space pirates have fallen to my laser cannon and several crab-like creatures have dared test the aim of my multi-tool energy blasts.  All have failed to bring me to an end…but the weather – the conditions of the planets I’ve landed – they have provided the shovel for my grave.  Planet Hanford’s radiation nearly killed me.


The frozen tundra of Planet Shiva was as devastating as the sting of the Crabtula’s barbs.  Still, I found ways to excise maleficence and find the light of the next star.  This moon must hold the ship I need.  The way of things…the way of Atlas; it must work in favor.  It will work in my favor.



Captain Alan’s Log, Star Date 70075.7:

Leaving Tem’s Planet was a bitter sweet moment. While it did hold a special place in my heart for being my first planet but I am glad never to see another crab snake again. As soon as I left the atmosphere my eyes bear witness to the most beautiful scene my eyes have ever gazed upon. Three planets lay out in the distance, each one with different hues that made my heart jump for joy.


I decided to venture to a new planet. No drinking this time. As soon as I break the atmosphere I see a giant tower on top of a hill. This seemed like a great place to stop. This shrine seemed ancient. Walking towards it fills my body with warmth. At the base of the shrine is a spiral engraved on the metallic slab. The warmth that was flowing in my body was being emitted from the spiral. The shrine tested my will to survive by sending insects to swarm me. Every part of my body wanted to run but there was a voice in my foreign voice in visor telling me to stay. After a minute the bugs vanished. I looked around to see what was happening and I noticed a blueprint at the foot of the shine. I guess this was a gift from whoever was speaking to me.

Well besides the shrine there wasn’t to much about this planet that held my interest, little wild life and not enough flora. I hope that more planets have a diverse catalog of animals and terrain. But I tell you one thing log, you can’t beat this planet’s sunrise.


End log//

Captain Hardy’s Log, Stardate 70075.7: My second day started off on the right foot when I was able to raise Captain Alan and and Maj BScotch on subspace comms.  The company was nice but the majority of our conversations were listening to the other two exclaim “wow” .  Each of us were on very different worlds but were having comparible experiences.  Thankfully, Capt Alan was able to tell us about the orange beacons which would lead us to inventory upgrades in our suits.  They also filled me in on how starbases worked, there was just one problem: I was still out of Plutonium so I was stranded. I continued exploring, checking out the wildlife and cursing this fabled “Atlas Pass” that I needed to harvest some much needed supplies, but I eventually scrounged up enough to upgrade my mining laser and give myself a combat weapon.  After recovering enough plutonium to leave the planet, I went back to the space station I visited earlier to offload my wares.  This led to my first encounter with alien life.  I could only understand one word “interloper”.  I did not know what he was trying to tell me, but I took his money.

I was able to obtain another ship from a “preorder bonus” which had a pre-installed hyperdrive, so I decided to try it out and depart the system.  I arrived in another system that was very different from the one I left.  The sky had a purple hue that changed to green depending on the direction I looked.  I flew over the planet closest to the starbase but it didn’t look too interesting.  Off in the distance, I saw what appeared to be an ice planet/moon so I went to investigate and that’s when I found Setsuna (my name).  A gorgeous but cold planet teeming with life.  I finished my exploration for the day as the sun went down and temperatures dropped to -70C.  It’s going to be a long, cold night…


Captain Alan’s Log, Star Date 70070.3: I woke up from a haze to find my ship completely wrecked and my mining equipment partly broken. Guess that will teach me to drink and fly. This planet seems peaceful, the sky is a beautiful purple and the plants reminded me of book my mom used to read to me. Suddenly scanners started going crazy. It was alerting me that the air was toxic since it is constantly raining alkaline. After seeing two ships fly over me I felt a strange chill come over me, like something was watching me. I turn to my left and see some creature hiding in a cave. Now this might be hard to believe but I swear this beast looked like a dog with a turtle shell.


After finding out what materials I needed for my ship I went to savage this alien planet that I now called Tem’s Planet. Soon after fixing my thruster I came upon an old out post that has long been abandoned. But in it I found blue prints that can make my mining tool into a proper weapon. I found this odd since I haven’t run into anything hostile…yet.

On my way back to my ship I discovered a ruin of a civilization that has long left this docile planet. Inside these ruins were “knowledge stones”. These stones taught me the language of the Gek. While it was only a couple of words I felt that I had truly made a connection.

There was a cave not 20 ft. from the ruins that seemed like a good place to get some fuel for my ship. Within a minute of me entering the cave a hostile crab-snake chased me further in. After a good 20 second chase I realized something. I am utterly lost. I tried going back the way I came but it only led me to dead ends. Pinging for my ship’s location didn’t help since the cave was no where near my ship. After ten minutes of walking in circles I decided to draw a map using pen and paper. This cave must have stretched at least 10 miles because I need two pages for my map. Right when I thought I would never see day light again and have to become a mole person I heard the faintest sound of rain. Thank the gods above! Leaving this cave made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Which I was since I am the only person on this forsaken planet. I think its time I found a new place to call home.

End log//

Captain Hardy’s Log, Stardate 70070.3: I crash landed on the planet Vuriesburgerwi a hot, radiation filled wasteland.  After surveying the situation, I realized that my ship was badly damaged and I needed raw materials to get it running again.  I began my journey through the rocky terrain, looking for materials.  Thank goodness my mining gun was still operational.  I was being flanked by some odd Sentry bots but they seemed harmless enough.  I began to mine when a sentry bot accidentally got hit by my mining laser.  It immediately went into attack mode and I learned that my mining laser also made an effective weapon.  I took out 2 of the sentries and then hid in a cave before more showed up.  I successfully evaded them and was able to keep harvesting materials to get off the planet.  As I worked, I heard a roar in the distance and looked up to see two ships streaking across the sky…I wasn’t as alone as I thought.


Along my route, I encountered a few other crash sites with materials.  Were these mine or did they come from another vessel?  I didn’t know or care.  I scavenged them and eventually repaired my ship.  I was able to escape the planet, although I still had no idea where in space I was.  Around the nearest planet orbited several ships, I though it best to stay clear of those.  Instead, I headed for a Starbase that was nearby.  It was an unusually busy place, with several ships coming and going.  I was unable to gain entry.  When I departed the Starbase, I picked up a distress signal from a nearby planet, so I decided to investigate.  After landing, I realized that I had burned through my plutonium reserves and needed more.  Additionally, I picked up signals from some kind of base nearby.  Today, I will set out to discover what this planet holds for me.

One final note, on Vuriesburgerwi I encountered a strange red orb that offered to give me some direction.  I accepted, but I have no idea what it is pointing me to.  Is it safety and life or is it leading me to my own death?  Hardy out.