Ace Attorney Series


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Rage Lionheart here again and I wanted to write about something different than my usual reviews of JRPGs and give you a 10,000 foot look into the Ace Attorney Series on DS and 3DS.  Its one of my favorite hidden gems that I really enjoy playing over the last three years.  There are many of you, who would never pick up any of these games.  I figured like most of you (even myself at one point) would not want to play a game about being a lawyer.  Its not like its America’s most glamours job or anything.  Speaking directly to our reader base, you also have the additional daily chores, work, school, or taking care of your kids so how can you move on to a game so niche.  However, if you give this series a shot, I think you will really enjoy the comedy and drama that comes with it.

The Ace Attorney series is one part mystery/drama/investigation and other part loose trial proceedings.  The story starts you off as rookie attorney Phoenix Wright, a lawyer who later opens up his own practice and meets a plethora of many interesting characters and takes on various partners such as Maya Fey and Apollo Justice.  Your job is pretty much ensure you work for and defend your client from some clearly bogus charge brought up by the prosecution or the fact that you happen to be in the same location as the crime.  So you may be thinking to yourself, “There is nothing fun sounding about that at all”  However, you need to move pass that fact.  The series intertwines itself at every turn.  Its one of these series, that you would legitimately enjoy watching each character grow, take steps back, and grow some more in order to be the people who they want to me.  Its never about them earning money or being famous, its about being a decent human being.  Its about having heart and courage in order to defend the innocent.  Once you see what the core of the game provides, then you will enjoy the series for what it is.

AA Courtroom

Welcome to the courtroom

The game world lives in this pseudo Japanese/American combination.  I’m not sure if its because the game developers worked with their American counterparts, but it feels like you are living in a world where Japan culture dominates, yet they say you live in America.  Kind of wished Sega just made it so you played in Japan, but that is just personal preference on my part.  Don’t let that stop you from playing the game.

As for game mechanics, it will not be the hardest game you will ever play, because you are playing a point and click/novel game.  However, that is just at the surface.

AA Main menu

You’ll see these buttons a lot, but there is more to the story…

 You’ll really need to use your head to figure out what all of these people what and what lies or half truths are they trying to say to you.

AA Witness

Most likely this dude is trying to hide something!

 You’ll need to check them a few times with evidence or through a particular games psychic mechanic.  Once you get the truth or find of information, the game will progress.  The trials themselves are loosely based on Japanese and American law though you come to realize that this world you are playing in places guilty before proven innocent at the core.

In terms of time involved in this game, if you are flying on a airplane or just made sure the kids are asleep, you can definitely pick up this game and play through very short sequences.  There are plenty of saves per chapter and you can save and suspend game play at any moment.  A great game when you are on the move.

Overall, this game provides all the drama, fun, sadness, and self satisfaction saving a life from the guilty verdict that few games truly provide the gamer.  Try the first one out and see if you enjoy it as much as I do.  There are five main series games in the series and a few offshoots.  The sixth game in the series is coming out something in June/July of this year.

Its also developed by Sega who I wish would put in a lot more effort in Ace Attorney and Yakuza series and less in what is left of the Sonic series.

  • Take that!  Objection! (Play the game, you will know what this means.)



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