BScotch’s Take

The Division updated their MMO on April 12, 2016.  This date was a few weeks ago.  There is a reason for the tardiness of my revisitation.  In the first Division review I posted here, I mentioned there being an issue with glitches.  Well, those problems became somehow worse.  Ubisoft a few years out from the glitch-tastic Assassin’s Creed Unity fail has not learned its lesson.  Perhaps they should scrub their game testers – I dunno.  I barely have nearly 3 hours in after the update mostly due to horrific inconsistencies with loading times for almost any activity I wish to do.  I spent entirely too long waiting at a chance to do a simple daily mission.  Please tell me – why do you teleport across the world to a random street corner, random safe house or disappear entirely after loading screens?!  Unimpressed is a light use of my utter disbelief that an hour long play session yielded just one daily mission complete.imgres

Rant over; somewhat.  I do like the revamped upgrade and acquisition system.  There is now a new tier of weapon/gear that can be had while at the same time making it easier to acquire high end items.  Really, I only think the difference is found in Dark Zone combat with computer enemies.  I found other agents will die quickly with precision shots regardless of relative gear level.  Maybe that’s just me.  I also tend not to hunt other agents.  Roaming alone or in 2 person teams is difficult enough when surrounded by yellow level 32s.images

So, there’s a mission called an incursion.  I wanted to write what it was like, but sadly, after about an hour of trying I could not finish it.  My game (says group disbanded) either kicked me out, glitched me through the floor, timed out on the loading screen, or I got a group that started as 4 -person and each person left after one or two people died after a few tries.  I’m just not sure why people play a game where if you die once or twice on a new mission you would just quit.  I partially understand if the mission had been out for a month or so.  I am not above quitting a raid in Destiny if you play one sequence for 45 minutes.  Someone is not paying attention or underpowered.  But come on!  The first day its out?  You just quit because you’re too cool for school?  The furthest I got was with one strong agent who stayed until the tank in the mission lit up the room a few times.  We descended into the room the clear out enemies and were caught in a new enemy wave.  He/She quit after that.  Well, at least he/she tried, right?

Ubisoft, stop it.  I’m starting to feel this is on purpose; some cruel twisted joke where devs are in a room pushing buttons to screw with players roaming their visually beautiful world.  Visually beautiful can describe an old repainted, reupholstered car with no engine, too.  The Division now joins a sudden sequence of half-cocked releases that players are made to endure.  Meanwhile, the indie games on Steam gain traction.  Strange to me because they are more like games I played as a kid in late 80’s and 90’s.  Simple in nature, but well produced.  I have The Division for a few DLCs because I was duped – just like Star Wars Battlefront and Street Fighter V.  I don’t like this trend.  Fix this Ubisoft.

Jacen Hardy66851066-1‘s Take:

I just can’t bring myself to go back to the Division.  I purchased it on day 1, played through all of the story missions and did most of the Ubisoft collect-a-thon and then started to chase the high-end gear.  I grew very tired of the grind quickly and then the glitches started.  Routinely, I would be in a mission with some friends and have them completely glitch out or get kicked out of the game leaving me to defend myself alone.  Unacceptable.  The grind was not fun and so I put it back on the shelf.  When the April Incursions update came out and I found out that A) they were easy and B) it was a glorified horde mode, I couldn’t go back.

I put hundreds of hours of grinding into Destiny and I still do and I finally put my finger on why.  The gameplay is so polished and fun that I don’t mind coming back to it.  This week alone, I put probably 10 hours into Iron Banner and only had ONE server issue the whole time.

Also this week, Best Buy offered 50% bonus on trade ins.  I said “thank you very much” and handed them my copy of The Division.