I don’t need 4 hours to review this game based on the movie based on the game.  I’m 2 hours in and I can already tell you, if you like character platformers or want to play a game with Nintendo level polish on your PS4, go buy this game.  It’s only $39.99 MSRP and if you have Best Buy’s GCU or Amazon Prime you can score it for closer to $30.  It’s worth every penny.  Still not convinced?  Read on.


From the moment you boot up R&C, you’re hit in the face with the series’ signature self-aware charm and humor.  Captain Quark has been put into jail for some reason or another and is recounting the story of the game to you.  Without ruining the jokes, I’ll tell you that I was laughing from its meta-narrative from minute one.  It follows the same story as the first Ratchet and Clank game on PS2, which will surprise you if you didn’t realize that this was a remake.

This game is gorgeous.  Look at this screenshot:

Ratchet & Clank™_20160412184407

Run Clank!

Now try to imagine that in silky smooth full motion.  It’s fantastic.  Do you remember years ago when the Xbox/PS2 came out and they promised Toy Story quality graphics?  Well, we’re almost there with this game.  The level of detail on Ratchet and his world is amazing and the environments are a sight to behold.  Each area isn’t as massive as we might be used to in this console generation, but there’s plenty to do.


Come for the graphics and presentation and stay for the gameplay.  The core mechanics of platforming with R&C is polished and feels perfected in this game.  One thing that has always drawn me to the R&C games is the weapons, and even only 2 hours in I have 5 weapons at my disposal (1 pre-order bonus) that are all different and all fun to use.  You can (and should) seamlessly switch from lobbing grenades at the enemy to burning them with your OP flamethrower and finish them off with a hit from your wrench.  They’re all incredibly satisfying and level up individually to make them even more useful and powerful.  I know that my arsenal will only grow larger and more varied the further I get into the game.

Ratchet & Clank™_20160413194234

I am Lombax, fear my flamethrower.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love this game.  Another bonus to buying this game is that it’s safe to play around smaller children.  In fact, they may enjoy watching their parent play this one because it’s a lot like watching a good Pixar movie.  At this price, it’s a steal already so no need to wait for a sale.