Deus Ex MΔNKIND DIVIDED (hells yea symbol font for the Δ win!)


(ΔΔΔΔΔThe Deus you always wanted to give your ExΔΔΔΔΔ)

Warning: Super Long Boot Up Rant

So it’s been a while. I dusted off Ye olde Xbox One and when I booted up this bad boy, it had over an hour of downloads and updates to make. Fair enough, I just sat back and watched a new release on Netflix occasionally checking the progress on this 534 MB update.

I jumped back on, tried to log in, but my password is no longer accepted. What the shit? I just want to play my new game. Ok, I’ll just skip on the login, that definitely won’t impact me later.



Boot up the game and WAMO! An update for the game. Only 5 GB. Except surprise surprise, here we are at 8.78 GBs and we’re 23% complete with the update. It’s like some cybernetic clown from hell is pulling out the endless handkerchief download and just then I realize my storage is at 72.4%. All I have are 2 pretty well played games and 7 others that have barely been touched. To quote Negan from The Walking Dead graphic…


(Science says cursing means you’re smΔrt)

Then at 12 GBs I was able to just start because maybe the Xbox gods took pity on me…?

Nope, the password bullshit came back to bite me in the ass.

TLDR: Super long boot up took longer than expected

Ok finally, lets start this game…wait, 12 minute recap on the last game? Considering I hadn’t played it and because at this point I don’t plan on playing this game ever anyway, let’s do it!

The recap video sets the mood,  unfortunately the graphics are just ok, everything is a bit too smoothed out in the human features with little detail while the walking of the characters is a bit awkward, the story itself is pretty complicated, it’s hard to hear the main character recap with an insane amount of background noise and music. Then there’s the bad guy group called the “Illuminati”. Seriously?

The backstory is has a BioShock flare to it (human upgrades mixed with insanity) and the main character not only looks like Keanu Reeves from the Matrix but also sounds like him and is basically fighting all the corporations all over the world.


(I know right?!)

When you start, you’re immediately able to make a decision that will affect your character later on and is an ongoing theme throughout the game. When you jump into action, you’re already augmented with special powers. They come off as hard to understand and I got this overarching feeling that I didn’t earn them. Almost like I started playing the game with cheat codes as opposed to looking for upgrades and getting them through experience.

You quickly find that the game is really more about being stealthy and avoiding fire, Gears of War-esk. But Gears of War gives the player the ability to perform melees or gruesome chainsaw melees, this game only goes the video route but gives the player the ability to decide life or death on your somewhat unsuspecting victim once you get close enough to them. After that, the video kicks in and that’s it.

As an individual who loves running around with a shotgun and smashing enemies in the face, this game wasn’t exactly scratching the itch I needed it to. Which resulted in me running straight at enemies, trying to do my normal routine and getting obliterated by the enemy.

When you start the game, it’s important to note, you’re in a closed world introductory level. Once you complete it, and if you’re in story mode, it’s followed by a long ass montage followed by a long ass video with your character interacting with other characters while NPCs walk around you awkwardly and have weird interactions.

After that, it opens up into a semi open world with the main storyline providing your overall objectives and side missions that you can stumble into as well as an opportunity to earn some upgrades and grab a shotgun and get crazy.

Overall, the game is hard to navigate, super hard to hear and understand. You can choose different controller settings, I simply went with the initial game suggested settings and found the weapons weren’t very user-friendly.

For originality, I like the concept of X-Men super upgraded cyborgs being hated and feared by society but that coupled with names like Juggernaut, Janus, and Illuminati among other underlying themes seemed pretty unoriginal.

I found opportunities to have more fun in the semi-open world, especially in side missions causing mischief, hacking computers, and tossing grenades at a mob boss.

Perhaps if I had played the previous game I’d be more excited for this one. This game is fine for passing the time and if you’re into stealth and cyberpunk, check it out. But there’s too many good shows on Netflix and too many awesome games coming out in the next 30 days for me to finish this game and not trade it in (thanks Gamestop!). If those things run out and I start feeling bored, I might recommend someone to grab this one on sΔle.


Jacen Hardy’s Take: 

So, I chose Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to break in my new PC and I’m glad I did.  I skipped Human Revolution because I just never could get into it.  I’m not entirely sure why, I loved Deus Ex and Deus Ex 2 back in the day, but Mankind Divided felt too much like every other 3rd person shooter.  So, I was a bit skeptical when I picked up Mankind Divided.  That skepticism was quickly put to rest after the tutorial.  This game feels like Deus Ex.  The freedom of choice and rich world is there.  It feels like every person has a part in this world and that they’re more than just scene filler.  The missions so far have many different ways to approach them and I am thoroughly enjoying trying out new methods to reach my target.

On PC, this game is pretty.  It’s not the Witcher 3 and the facial textures aren’t nearly as good as Infamous Second Son or Uncharted, but the animations are lifelike and believable and don’t pull you out of the action.  It’s been a while since a game grabbed me like this from the get go and it will probably be the first game in a long time that I’ve played to completion.  If you’re a fan of the series or just want to try a “thinking” FPS, pick it up.