BScotch’s take

So, Destiny April update…yes.  Very much a cosmetic event.  If you enjoy Destiny, it is a reason to return for a time.  There’s a new strike and Prison of Elders makes a comeback to relevance.  Also new is the infusion system.  No longer is there an “averaging” when infusing a higher quality item with one of lower light level.  This is long overdue; maybe even too late.

I started as a 311 with only 1 normal mode raid under my belt (Oryx) and managed 320 in a little over a week.  RNG (Random Number Generator) continues to dish out ridiculously low gear to help you upgrade in most playlists, but every now and then you’ll see a blue over 315 and on up.  The best ways to level up are upgrading your current vanguard score, your FWC, New Monarchy or Dead Orbit rank, Variks PoE rank, and – to some degree – your Cryptarch.  Each will drop a high level item when ranked up.  FWC and Vanguard got me to where I am.  I didn’t keep the armor or weapons, but used them to upgrade other weapons I liked.  They each have new gear to bestow should you choose.

The new events are a new story mission and new strike as well as an upgraded Archon Priest strike.  The story mission is a joke, but the strike is a little challenging with your old gear.  Taken have always been a tricky foe, but the new strike takes advantage of guardians weakness against them.  The little pesky psion Taken are annoying to be sure.  I found it a fun 30 minutes.  Don’t expect to do the Nightfall without some help, however.  It is now 320.  With some OP friends, you can get through at 310.  Doing damage is not the challenge, staying alive is.

Unfortunately, I do not play much PvP, but it may be worth it at least once a week.  Completion of the weekly PvP challenge nets you a silver box which contains a new armor item and chroma to make you look nice.  Although, silver box armor contents will be 3 defense.  Yes, that’s right – no help with the box – all looks.  I don’t like that.  You may also receive a box weekly from the postmaster and from completing 1 round on the PoE playlist.  I believe there is a chance to acquire a box from nightfall too, but it’s not automatic.  In any case, I got decimated in a round of Clash with no radar just to get a box.  It’s like Bungie wanted to add some fish to the water for PvP regulars to eat during the week.  Seems that line of thought will continue as Iron Banner next week will gift some high quality gear needed for infusion to chance the 335 max light level.  SIgh, I’ll probably do that too.

Maybe the day will come that Bungie will stop Stop Worrying and Just Love the Bomb by giving us our old raid weapons back (Vision of Confluence! Fang of Ir Ut! Come back!!).  Upgrade the old raids! Allow me to earn a Vex Mythoclast that I can actually use!  If this is how Destiny will go out this next year…by offering visual upgrades and allowing RNG to rule over skill then more and more will probably stop playing.  I haven’t seen my old raid team online in the better part of a year.  Sigh.

Jacen Hardy’s take (PSN: Kizero)

I made a mistake.  I didn’t log on for the “free” 320 ghosts around Valentine’s day so I’m stuck until a better one drops (never).  Other than that, this update was OK, fixed a few of my gripes but it’s really not enough to draw you back into Destiny if you’ve quit.  There are really only 2 new missions plus a taken version of the Archon Priest strike.  The chroma armor is pretty cool, but again, not really worth going back and spending the time to get it all.