My Souls background is actually weirdly similar to that of my Zelda background.  I’ve started/tried every single Souls game, but never got more than a few hours into any of them but Bloodborne.  I flat out did not like Dark Souls 2, the hollowing mechanic really bothered me and so I was very hesitant to try Dark Souls 3, but after watching a few video reviews and absolutely loving the aesthetic plus having recently picked Bloodborne up again, I decided to give it a shot.  Boy am I glad I did.


This will surprise no one, the Souls games are not known for their story, although the lore is quite deep.  What they are known for is being absolutely gorgeous and the PS4 hardware absolutely shines here.  I’ve been playing with a pair of surround sound headphones and the sound is amazing.  It’s atmospheric and gets your pulse racing.  When you encounter your first dragon, just wow.  The intensity of its fire both visually and the audio is something to behold.  The enemies are varied and incredibly designed.

There be dragons

There be dragons

I mean, look at that.  Everything you can see is part of the level and is gorgeous.  The levels are tightly designed and intricately connected and the Bonfires (so far) feel very well planned so that it encourages you to try difficult sections over and over again.


The Souls games are known for being challenging,  and this is no exception.  However, the gameplay is my favorite in the series.  It feels more like Bloodborne to me, except that you can use a shield.  That’s a huge help for someone like me.  I’m not very good at these games, that’s when the shield comes in handy.  I can use it to cover a couple of my mistakes and survive just long enough to strike back.  When you die in this game, it’s your fault.  I know people say that a lot, but it’s true.  Your avatar will do exactly what you tell them to do with each button press.  If they don’t, you probably forgot to watch your stamina.  It’s brilliant and tight controls that make it a joy.

Dante Muggleslay at your service.

Dante Muggleslay at your service.


This game is fantastic and a real adrenaline rush to play.  As long as you don’t mind the challenge…