Even though I have only played the new Karazhan Hearthstone Adventure for 2 hours, not 4, I want to give you guys a quick review. The best part about this adventure is that it packs a punch with the nostalgia factor from raiding Karazhan (Kara) in World of Warcraft (WoW) during the Burning Crusade expac. If you are a fan of WoW and raided Kara, then you’ll definitely recognize the raid and the bosses, as well as interesting gameplay mechanics that call back to the old school raid, such as Opera theater trilogy and the famous (or infamous!) Chess event.

One of the most enjoyable battles of Kara for me is actually the very first fight where you play as Medivh, which sets up the premise for the entire adventure. While playing as Medivh, I felt exceedingly powerful; the synergy of his cards and his hero power are really incredible. Being a charismatic archmage is just so awesome!


After defeating Prince, he pulls Medivh into a portal, and your adventure through the tower of Karazhan continues, with the Parlor wing and the Opera wing. Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the Opera wing!


The Opera wing calls back directly to the Opera bosses from the Kara raid and you’ll battle the Hearthstone version of the Romeo and Juliette, Big Bad Wolf and Wicked Witch bosses.

The character (and card) of Barnes, who is the announcer of the Opera plays in the WoW raid, appears and talks you through this wing. As a card, Barnes has a battlecry which summons a 1/1 card copy of a minion in your deck. So, it’s like he’s bringing forth an actor playing that actual card. I was fortunate enough for Barnes to summon a 1/1 copy of my Ysera =D


One of the Opera wing bosses mimics the Julianne and Romulo event. While she has the Romulo card out, he makes her immune to all damage, and she also summons a bunch of taunt minions, so you have to be sure to kill him off first and then find a way to get through the taunters to do direct damage to her.

Overall, this Karazhan adventure for Hearthstone is highly entertaining. I think this take on Kara is refreshingly light-hearted, and it brings back good memories from the Kara raid that I spent many hours over many months in with my guildies in Wow. It incorporates the boss encounters from Kara into Hearthstone mechanics in fun, new ways. Delightful voice acting also adds the final flourish on interactions with beloved characters such as Moroes.


If you enjoy Hearthstone and World of Warcraft (particularly the Karazhan raid), then this adventure is worth the time and money!



You can watch and listen to my play-through of the first two wings of Kara here, before Twitch deletes the auto-saved video after however many days: https://www.twitch.tv/zariyavera/v/84738674