Morning everyone.  It’s fair to say that Square-Enix is putting everything they have into the Final Fantasy XV bucket.  As of right now, we have a feature pre-story movie, the base game, the anime, the figurines, the post cards, internet events, demos and the list goes on.  I’ve played the demo that came out with Final Fantasy Type-0 and Platinum Edition, which showcased a lot of improvements towards the main game coming out in November.  In the meantime until Final Fantasy XV release, Square-Enix produced a mini game that will be featured in the main game itself and now out on Mobile.  Its Justice Monsters V.

If you’ve played pinball games in the past, you will find this one tends to lack a lot of what I consider the fun parts of Pinball.  There isn’t really a whole lot to Justice Monsters V.  You play as various monsters from the Final Fantasy XV universe in order to defend the galaxy from the evil Fleet.  From there, you basically shoot the monster, who turns into a pinball disk and then randomly wipe or push on the screen to hit the various enemies on the pinball screen.  That’s pretty much it.  There are little tricks and mini mini within it, but I found that it really lacked a lot of what makes pinball exciting.

What’s it missing?

As I said earlier, its missing the main components of pinball:  Gaps in between the bottom bumpers, the mid bumpers don’t really do much of anything, and there are no bumpers in the middle of the screen to give it that cool flashy bumper movement.  There are no holes or additional shoots to play into as well.  No exciting reason to hit certain spots on the pinball board except the bad guys that you need to defeat.

justice_monsters_five screen

You’ll see a lot of flash…not much else.

So overall?

If I had nothing else to do with my phone, I would probably play this game.  It’s free which is always nice, but with so much fan fare going on with Final Fantasy and it’s impressive level of details in other aspects, I was kind of hoping that Justice Monsters V would have provided a bit more that me swiping randomly on the screen.  It’s as bare bones of a pinball game can be and yet while I understand its really just a mini game within Final Fantasy, I doubt I will be playing much of it when I finally have Final Fantasy XV in my hands.

Recommend downloading it if you want to have a taste of a Final Fantasy mini game, but I would do 1000 other things prior to that and to be honest, it really doesn’t do the pinball games “justice” That’s why I’m going to give it the rating of:

rating 6

Here’s hoping that all the quality went into Final Fantasy XV.  Plus I can wait for Noct to play it in the game.

Most Gents FFXIV H – Rage Lionheart